The much awaited Samsung Gear S2 has been officially launched in Berlin on 3rd of September, and it has already created millions of fans all over the world. It’s design, accessibility and features have made it to the list of devices that people want to buy.

Following are some of the features of this amazing watch:

  • Display: Its display consists of a durable stainless steel body that looks sleek and slim on your wrist. You can quickly change your bands, and the device is such that is suits all the occasions from your daily routine to anything occasional.
  • Shape: After a very careful screening process and varying choices, they finally decided that circle is the future, and so the watch is round in shape. It is trendy and will comply with the Gen Y. It has a 360 x 360-pixel resolution and 2-inch circular display.
  • Heart rate sensor: The Samsung Gear S2 has a heart rate sensor at the rear of its casing. We all know that this feature has become a must-have on the smart watches and whether or not we use it, is an entirely different ideal.
  • Talking Tom: Yes, we are all well versed with that cat who talks back to us in a funny way but this is different. Once you sync your Smartphone with this watch, you can make and receive calls on your wrist. This will become really convenient as you won’t have to plug constantly in your Bluetooth or your earphone every time the bell rings.

Neither will you have to remove your large phones just to say hello to someone.


Apart from this, it lets you talk to the device, Siri, the voice assistant allows you to voice-command the various operations that you may want to carry out. It balanced its lack of keyboard with this voice feature

  • Fitness Guide: Apart from the heart rate sensor, this device will come in handy for the users who like to stay in shape. When synced with a Smartphone, you can easily track your running route. You can also track your fitness data and run some fitness apps on it. It also has a built-in pedometer that keeps a track of how many steps you have walked.
  • Storage: You can now take your playlist in your hands wherever you go. Like, literally. With the capacity of storing over 300 songs, you can now sync all your songs from your phone to this Samsung Galaxy Gear S2.
  • Charger: When it is time for a recharge, you can just put the device on the wireless charging dock and get its battery instantly charged.
  • Price: It is a little less expensive than the other smart watches but has more to offer. It has all the fantastic features at a lesser price. We don’t see any reason this shouldn’t be your first and only smart choice when it comes to buying a smart watch.