“A large part of companies’ potential customers are there. Therefore, in my opinion, all companies should have a Facebook page where they can interact with their customers … No other advertising channel, at least where you can communicate, can compete with those numbers.” An advisor over Facebook, Freddie Jannson shared his views through an interview about ‘how to succeed in business advertising on Facebook’.

With digitalization of the marketing and branding activities, the whole globe has become the marketplace. Whether you run a product or a service based small business, if it is not on internet, it does not exist!


Facebook isa social networking website with 1.49 billion users,allow you to stay connected with your customers around the globe. Apart from maintaining the website of your business, social media marketing is equally important. And, when we talk about social media, Facebook is that one platform that pops up in our minds before anything else. Facebook allows the business owners to setup/create their own business page and also run awareness based campaigns to generate the revenue through this awareness. Connecting your Facebook page with your website verifies your social media page and hence certifies the authenticity of the page. One can run different types of campaigns on Facebook i.e. to generate likes on your Facebook page or convert visits in the deals by enquiring etc. The amount which Facebook charges is very minimal for a particular campaign and starts from 200 and goes up to how much your budget approves. The more you pay, the more your ad campaign (advertisement of your page) would be appeared in the side bar of the users’ profile. Now, the Facebook chooses the users as per their like and interests, which they have mentioned or liked other pages in their profiles. Your ad campaign is displayed to the users who have common interest as per your business/products/services. For E.g. If an individual has keen interest in shopping online and your business caters to that domain, your page appears on the sidebar of his profile and then he might hit like or even be source of your revenue generation.

Alyssa Gregory is a small business expert says “From Facebook you can get tremendous online exposure to your brand, allowing you to showcase your products and services”.

Social networking site like Facebook has a feature where the users can share their views or give reviews to the particular product/services. The restaurants, you check in to or the shoes/apparels you purchase from a particular vendor, everything can be reviewed and hence, the transparency can be maintained. Facebook also allows tagging your business location on the maps, which ultimately puts you on the GPS network and the customers can easily navigate their way to your showrooms, shops or depots.

Facebook has tremendously changed the face of branding and marketing activities and has given a new term of Social Media Marketing, where all the startups and other small businesses can easily reach out to their potential customers based on their products and services. In other words “whole globe is your market place”.