Who isn’t familiar with the term Galaxy Note? Actually it’s not a term, but a global phenomenon. Galaxy Note is a series of high-end smartphones and high-end tablets based on Google’s  own OS –Android, these devices are developed and marketed by the South Korean Electronics Multinational Giant, Samsung, probably also a very common name of people in that country.The launch of the Galaxy Note, gave birth to a new coinage- ‘PHABLET’, from the words Phone and Tablet, which is what Galaxy Note is. The Galaxy series of these “phablets” is considered the first commercially successful examples of “phablets”—a range of smartphone with large screens that give you the features of both a traditional phone and a tablet. In 2011, Samsung had announced the launch of the very first model of Galaxy Note. Many media outlets have questioned the viability of a device due to its size -5.3-inch (135-mm) screen (we are used to screens of this size right now, but at that time it was something very new), the gigantic phone received positive reception for its stylus functionality, its 1.4 GHz processor (a very power-driven benefit), and the advantages of carrying out tasks on a screen this large.

For the first time ever a Wacom Digitizer, a pressure sensitive digitizer and a stylus pen were used in a smartphone. These two completely different technological aspects have never been placed on one phone.

Introducing the new Samsung Galaxy Note

Introducing the new Samsung Galaxy Note

The reason why the Phablets were such a hit was because it had done something no one had ever imagined, it gobbled away all of its competitors like a hungry, angry, nasty giant.

The South Korean multinational sold over 50 million devices between September 2011 and October 2013.

Since the launch of the Note, no one has been able to acquire as many customers as Samsung in the Phablet department, and how would anyone do that; after all Samsung was the Pioneer. The company started off with the first model Samsung Galaxy Note and with the kind of support and appreciation the company has received over the years, they have been making sure that Galaxy Notes do not fall short of any single feature which is not practically possible to add to the Phablets. After the success of the first model, they’ve been adding newer features to the models over the time. These are the other models Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note 3 Neo,  Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Note Edge we are anxiously awaiting the launch of their next model Galaxy Note 6.

The newest model Note 6 looks to introduce features never seen before, with some amazing specs, and a unique interface. It is aiming to be the best selling smartphone. It is said that the phone will be released sometime mid-2016 and Samsung is making sure that their prospective consumers stayed excited and psyched to purchase their phones next year.

Admit it, some of us may criticize its gigantic size (especially the iPhone users), but in the end we do like its unique features that make it a desirable commodity. Now we just have to wait and see what the new Samsung Galaxy Note brings forth for its fan base, but the wait is going to be long.

And we hope that it doesn’t have any bugs like any other new products at its initial launch like mu origin gift codes, for which I would like to paraphrase a quote from Game of Thrones – For the Screen is blue and full of errors (Original quote- For the night is dark