The greatest wealth a person can possess is wealth. We have often heard the phrase “Health is Wealth”. Health doesn’t only mean that we are physically perfect but that we are trouble free mentally and socially. We can also describe health as a synonym for happiness.  Health is wealth can also be translated as health is better than or superior to wealth.

Because a rich person might be living a luxurious life but he can only enjoy all these luxuries if he is in good health. In fact, it is health not wealth that can buy happiness. Life expectancy has increased but people are living their lives with illness. Wealth is nothing without health. The world has progressed a lot in health but hasn’t been able to find the major causes to reduce illness and diseases.

Wealth is of no use for an unhealthy person. An unhealthy person spends a lot of money on doctors and medicines. He is never cheerful. He cannot enjoy any blessing of life. On the other hand, a healthy person lives his life actively. His life is full of happiness and bliss.  Because only a healthy person can work effectively to earn money and achieve his dreams.
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A healthy person can live his life freely and happily while a person who has all the facilities of life but is ill or not healthy cannot utilize those amenities and thus they are of no use for him. He does not feel happy, his mood is always rude, his behavior is irritable and he is a burden on his family. He cannot do anything by himself thus becoming directly dependent on others.

So, bad health not only affects the life of the victim person but also affects the lives of others. Our health depends upon different factors like food, water, air, sleep, mental health and sunlight to name a so. Exercise and morning walks are very important for our health. Not only exercise and fitness brings a positive attitude but also helps the mind and body to work well.

A person who is rich has no use of money if he is not healthy. He is a burden not only for himself but also for his family. He is totally dependent on others. He is always sad, depress and tense. On the other hand, a farmer who is healthy works hard from dawn to dust eats healthy food and gets a good sleep. He is always in a good and cheerful mood. He is always smiling, enjoying every moment of his life even if he is not rich. Because he possesses something more important than wealth that is “health”.

To conclude, we should always keep a balanced diet and try to remain happy every time. We should develop a habit of getting early in the morning and go for a good walk and do exercise as it is very good for our health. Money can’t buy happiness. A person with limited wealth but healthy lives a more glorious and better life than a rich but ill person.