Decision making is always considered to be one of the most important skills in any business. However, very few people usually have the training required to make good decisions.

How will you be able to decide on what needs to be done? Having the ability to make effective decisions within the recommended time can be very essential in your success. The process listed below will enable you come up with the best possible decision at any particular time by ensuring you are able to use the checklist to structure your decision making process.

The checklists will never address decision making in a group. In case you have to make some complex or critical decisions in a large group, or if you have diverse opinions and any challenging dynamics, it is important to bring in a professional facilitator who will be responsible for managing the process and supporting the leadership role.

Ensure you assess the Situation

You need to take some time and clearly identify the situation, organize the issues that are to be addressed. Determine is it’s a surface issue or there are deeper issues which have to be considered. Will you be able to break down the decision into much smaller parts? You need not get yourself absorbed into the urgency of having to make decisions that you won’t take time to see through.


Assess the Situation

Take the time to identify the situation clearly and then organize the issues that need to be addressed. Is this a surface issue or are there deeper issues that need to be considered? Can you break down the decision into smaller parts? Do not let yourself get so absorbed in the urgency of making a decision that you don’t take the time to see the forest through the trees.

Always Consider Your Options

Brainstorm all the possible alternatives. Try thinking of up to 5 different ways which could help you solve the problem; try being creative and think out of the box for alternative choices available. Never eliminate any option just because they sound absurd, the idea you think sounds off the wall might be the best available solution.

Ensure you Analyze Each Available Option

Consider the following for each of the available choices:

  • Is the choice achievable
  • What are the available negatives?
  • What are the available positives?
  • How does the choice fit into your long term goals?

 Get Unstuck

There are people who would get stuck just because nothing seems acceptable or perfect. From the evaluation, determine what the best available choice to make is. Realize that everything needs to be compromised. There is no decision that will go without any down side.

Make the Decision

After making a thorough analysis, choose the best possible option which is currently available to you.

Define your Action Plan

In your action plan, include the steps that you will take the people you will need and the resources required to have the decision implemented.

Communicate the Decision you have made

Communicate the decision you have made and the outcomes you expect.