In the process of ranking, building brand signals is the first step. Brand signals are like markers that directly equate us to a brand in the form of either a sound or an image or an action. It is activated in order to impose an innate response from the target audience. They build the identity of a brand. Brand signals are built to create a sense of trust around the website.

Following are some ways in which you can build your brand signal effectively:

  1. Brand Security:
    Your first step should be to secure and establish your brand on as many social platforms as you can. When you secure your brand on the most trafficked websites or search engines, you are popularizing you brand. You should try to display your brands on the most popular social platforms like Face book, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.
  2. Niche Profiles:
    You should find platforms for your brand that are relevant to your content and business. You should opt for niche platforms that suit your content, your profession and your website. This way you can be more relevant and can gain just the audience you want.
  3. Populate:
    Solely securing your brand is not going to do the job for you. You have to populate it as well. When you create your brand security on rich platforms, you also have to make sure that you are consistent and constantly available on it. You should try to describe yourself in keyword-filled words, put up a lot of blog posts, insert links, and constantly be in touch with your audience.
  4. Social Platforms:
    Any social media is the best platform to earn brand recognition and loyalty. You can simply link your brand to all your social accounts (make sure you link at the most to 5-6 accounts). With the passage of time, this will increase the Page Authority of your social profile. Since you will create a platform, always be in touch with it. You can post stuff about your website or your brand regularly and create open discussions to gain more popularity.
  5. PowerPoint, info graphics, and videos:
    If you create good PPT and share it on socials media platforms like SlideShare that can gain you a lot of recognition amongst your audience. They will start looking up to you for more such information. You can also create infographics and make videos on subjects pertaining to your brand and put it on YouTube for people to watch it. This will spread information regarding your brand quite effectively. Everyone knows that videos create a great impact on the audience as compared to anything else. Yes, it does take a lot of time and effort but, it is worth it.


You should always try to create good brand assets as that leads in creating good brand signals. There are a lot of opportunities to promote your brand so, you just have to grab the right one and get on with it. This effort that you put into building your brand signal will never go waste as it ends up developing a layer of trust around your brand and your website.