Considering the large number of videos uploaded on YouTube at any given instance, it’s necessary that you master how to create a killer YouTube video for your video uploads to rank fairly well on search engines, hence reaching your prospective followers easily. This article highlights how to create killer YouTube videos whose application will see your targeted traffic via YouTube swell gradually to your satisfaction.

Create captivating introduction and branding

This is perhaps the most critical of all the steps on how to create a killer YouTube video. Whether or not your followers will be turned off by the video uploaded will depend on how much intriguing its introduction is. Do the branding at this stage by informing your audience who you are and other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook where they can connect with your brand. Make the introduction as brief and to the point as possible.

Tell the audience what to expect

You need to let your viewers know exactly what to expect in your video. Inform the audience why they should spare their valuable time to watch your video; ensure that the reason is extremely convincing and is able to win your audience. Also, remember to inform your viewers the length of your video; this makes the viewer watch the video over the stated time instead of keeping them guessing how long the video is likely to last, something that may turn the viewer off midway.

Deliver the main idea or concept

YouTube is a great platform to explain concepts. Now that you’ve captivated your audience and informed them what to expect in your video, it’s time to drive the point home. This is an important stage on how to create a killer YouTube video, hence you need to make use of this platform to explain and clarify the concept to your viewers in an extremely precise manner. Once you’re through with the presentation, it’s worthwhile to recap it with a conclusion of what you’ve been presenting.


Offer your audience some valuable piece of advice

After delivering the intended information to your audience, it’s good to leave them with a valuable piece of advice on how the information you’ve given can help solve their problem or improve their situation. You can do this by recommending, suggesting or giving out an appropriate warning based on the information delivered.

Call the audience to action

Now that your content has been effectively delivered to the viewers, what next? Well it’s time to call them to action. The ‘call to action’ message to your viewers through your YouTube video should be stated as clearly as possible. The ‘call to action’ can include asking the viewer to subscribe to your mail list, become a reader or buy the product. Ensure that an easily clickable link is contained in your video description to enhance the ‘call to action’ by the viewers; alternatively, you can add a clickable annotation on the video itself. As the video comes to an end, it’s important that you leave your call to action on a silent screen to enhance emphasis.

It’s my hope that you’ve found this how to create a killer YouTube video guide useful in your endeavor to reach your target audience more effectively via YouTube.