It is human nature to feel jealous, at some point in life, each one of us would have experienced jealously. The most common circumstance when you tend to feel jealous is when you feel threatened. When there is a perceived threat, for instance, if you feel a colleague is better at a task than you, you will feel threated and in turn jealous. Besides a competitive situation jealousy can occur in a personal relationship as well. It can between two siblings or friends.

Since, jealousy is one of the strongest emotions that you are capable of feeling, its impact is great. More importantly, jealousy is a negative emotion that attracts more negativity. The more you nourish the feeling, the more it will eat you up. Many people have become a victim of this feeling and have jeopardized their relationships. Holding on to jealously will only destroy you in the long run. It will alienate you from something that might have been your best relationship. The unfortunate part is that, jealousy will infect all relations turning everything bitter and hindering your emotional growth. Instead of nourishing jealousy, you can take this chance to deal with jealousy and work on your emotional growth.

Given below are some effective ways to deal with jealousy:

Understanding Jealousy: There are times when you will not realize this emotion because jealousy does not come alone. Accompanying jealousy is anger and more importantly fear. Fear, for instance, that someone else is better than you. But no matter, jealousy is an ignoble emotion, which will only lead to destructive path. Instead, try and recognize your emotions, recognizing is winning half the battle.

Jealousy in Victorian Room Interior

Jealousy in Victorian Room Interior

Analyzing jealousy: Once you recognize the emotion the next step is to comprehend the root of the jealousy. The emotion generally stems from insecurities and most of it is self-directed. Therefore, you need to secure yourself first. Be honest with yourself about your emotions, be compassionate towards yourself. Work on your insecurities; trust yourself to be as good as any other individual. Practicing and developing this will slowly, but surely help you deal with jealousy.

Understand the consequences: When jealousy takes over you might do or say something that cannot be taken back, ever. Taking action in the heat of the moment can result in disastrous consequences. You tend to get defensive and place the blame on the next person. This will negative impact on your relationships. For this reason, think about the consequences before you act on your jealous emotions and hurt a loved one damaging the relationship permanently.

Face your emotions: Every time you feel the emotion raising its ugly head take a step back and look at your emotions closely. This is a good idea as it helps you to see that this jealousy is rising due to your own self-doubt. Understanding this will make you capable of handling jealousy better.

Jealousy is a strong emotion that clings to you and it is extremely hard to shake it this feeling off. The process of letting go is not instant and might leave your frustrated. But you need to be hold on and fight the jealousy of. Once you let go of jealousy you will feel confident, but most importantly you will feel liberated.