We are human beings and it is important for us to know what impression we leave on others and how we are perceived by them. Everyone wants to be liked and get attention. Some qualities a person should possess are being compassionate, decent and affectionate towards others. It matters a lot to us what people think of us.
Below are some tips to get people to like you:
a) The art of speaking
Communication plays an important role in building relationship. Effective and proper communication leaves a good impression on others. Always allow people to speak about them. It is a human psychology that they like those people who hear them speaking. Hence it is important to make people speak about their lives, hobbies and interests. Although it may not benefit you in anyway but it makes the other person think better of you.

b) Keep a smiling face
It is human tendency to get attracted to people with a smiling face. It is an important tool for social interaction. Human beings make choices on how to engage and get along well with others. Now-a-days researches are being conducted on the mood of the person. Depending on the mood, a positive mindset can brighten someone’s day whereas a negative attitude ends in being criticised.

Businessman And Businesswoman Meeting In Coffee Shop

Businessman And Businesswoman Meeting In Coffee Shop

c) Be a patient listener
People who listen to others are always welcome. There is an important point which one should remember. Do not listen just for the sake of listening and impressing others. Be an active listener which should be shown through your posture. Posture plays an important role here. Always face the person and sit while listening, keep eye contact throughout, repeat segments of what the speaker is talking about, be interactive. Pay attention and express your views on the topic creating an impression on the speakers mind and letting him have the feel good factor about what he spoke was interesting.

d) Generosity in compliments and appreciation
People like sincere appreciation. Everyone likes to be recognised and being praised for the task he has done. This is different from flattering which most people are good in detecting. Sincere appreciation, genuine compliments and generous praise are always welcome.

e) Handle criticism
Always remember a mantra ‘No one is perfect’. Hence human beings are prone to error. While appreciation creates positivity, criticism wounds pride. Every person has ego and may get hurt by condemnation. A well known strategy involves serving the platter with praise first followed by criticism. The goal should be to make the person realize his mistake and not to offend him in front of others. Be careful while handling matters that a person is not hurt and your purpose is solved.

f) Take advice
Every person wants to feel important and needed. When we make someone feel better about them, they in turn like us. Asking advice from someone makes them feel that we value their thoughts and opinion. It is way of showing respect to others.

g) Be genuine
Last but not the least; be genuine in your words and deeds. No one likes a boring and unhygienic person. Some people have the habit of snoring, digging nose in public; scratch their head again and again, digging ears which are negative gestures and relates to personal hygiene. No one likes getting along with these people. These are clichés and form an insight to one’s lifestyle. Always be presentable.