What is that one thing that makes you cringe every time you feel like looking in the mirror? Yes. The fear of having a pimple. You don’t feel like stepping out of the house. You can’t bear the sight of your friends or your colleagues ogling at that bright red dot on your face (or dots in unfortunate cases).

Pimples are formed when oil glands on your face are infested by bacteria and inflammation occurs, causing that spot to swell and fill up with pus. Some people try to burst their boils, but all that happens is that the infection spreads throughout the face, which makes up for a horrible outcome. There are better ways of destroying these pimples fast enough:

  • Toothpaste: The cooling effect of your regular toothpaste can also be used as a tool against pimples. Just take some toothpaste on your finger and dab it on the spot where your pimple is. It’ll give you relief from that burning sensation and will reduce the diameter within a week. It’s preferable to use white toothpaste over gels.
  • Lemon juice: If your skin isn’t very sensitive, this technique can work wonders. Though, make sure the juice you’re using is fresh, otherwise it can lead to side-effects. Apply lemon juice on some cotton and dab the cotton on your boils. For better results, you can take some cinnamon powder and mix it with lemon juice to form a paste that you can apply and leave on overnight, only to wash it off the next day. Remember, avoid this if your skin experiences constant irritation with sour stuff.
  • Apple cider vinegar: Another effective way of treating pimples fast. Just take some cotton, dip it in apple cider vinegar, and leave the solution on your face overnight.
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  • Steam: Hot water vapour has the ability to open up skin pores, making the layer of your face more breathable. This means bacteria and dirt and whatever’s in those pores will finally have their way out. For this technique, take a container full of steaming water and put your face near the mouth of the container. Let the vapours swirl around your face for a few minutes. Wash your face with water at room temperature aafter you’re done. Use a moisturizer after wiping your face, for stronger effects.
  • Aspirin: Aspirin contains salicylic acid, which fights acne, and it also prevents inflammation. The procedure is as follows: grind one tablet (or two), add some water, make a paste, leave it on overnight, and wash it off the next day. Visible results by morning are confirmed.
  • Aloe vera: Aloe vera is anti-inflammatory, cooling, natural and anti-bacterial. Use a fresh aloe vera leaf and extract the juice from it. Now, apply the gel-like juice on your boils and let it stay on overnight. Your pimples will go away if this is done every day.


These 6 ways of getting pimples out are tried and tested, and they are sure-shot remedies for a quick fix before you go for that party of yours.