Everyone hates a trip to the dentist. Rarely do you find people happy when they sit in the waiting room. They get scared of those dreaded tweezers, injections and other tools of tooth destruction that a dentist possibly uses. Many of them, however, know that the only people to blame for their toothaches are themselves. A dentist is only doing his job.

All those sugary foods that you eat. All those aerated drinks that you consume. All that junk you consume at fast-food joints. They’re all causes of toothaches. How? Sugary and starchy foods contain bacteria that cause cavities in your teeth. These cavities are one of the main reasons why toothaches occur in the first place. You must listen to your mom when she tells you to brush twice a day, if you want to avoid shelling out your hard-earned money for unnecessary dental treatments.

However, if the damage is already done, and the only thing you do all day is keep your hand on your jaw, praying for the pain to go, here are some solutions that can speed up the process for you a little bit:


  • Accupressure: Accupressure might just help you indirectly. Locate the spot where your thumb and index finger intersect. Now. Put some pressure on that spot with your finger for two to three minutes. This method releases endorphins (hormones that make you feel good), and eases the pain on your jaw.
  • Visit a dentist: As bad as it sounds, it’ll only be beneficial for you. A dentist can properly examine what the problem is, and can judge whether your continuous toothaches are a precursor to something graver. Then, you’ll thank the Lord for giving you the brains to think that it was a good decision to visit the dentist after all.
  • Special toothpastes: Maybe your teeth are too sensitive to handle regular toothpastes. Why don’t you try something that is a little less stressful on your teeth? Many toothpaste companies have special toothpastes that are soft on your molars, so when you reach for that glass of cold water on your table, it’ll be a less painful affair.
  • Teabags: Tea contains astringent tannins that can temporarily ease the pain for you, because it is known to reduce swelling. It’s an age-old remedy, and it is worth a try.
  • Ice pack: The cooling effects of ice can reduce swellings too. Take an ice cube, put it in a plastic bag, put a thin cloth around the plastic and hold it against your aching gums for around fifteen minutes. This way, the nerves will become numb and you’ll get some much-needed break from the pain.
  • Cloves: A lot of toothpastes have started including cloves as one of their ingredients, because of its ability to kill harmful bacteria. You can either swallow the entire clove, or use clove oil. Also, cloves can give numbing effects too, making it even more useful to keep toothaches away. Put some cloves in your jaw, bite them a little so that the oil comes out, and then let the cloves rest on the affected teeth for some time.


Well, these are some ways that will ensure that you keep your toothaches at bay. And remember; don’t have too much ice cream!