There are a number of different tips and advice to deal with and conquer anxiety but none of it can help if you are so anxious that you are unable to rest, sleep or relax to recover your strength. If you have been reading and wondering how to get rid of anxiety, this article is the right one to take to heart, it will help you achieve a more zen state of being and make you feel infinitely better about your life. You may be familiar with these strategies outlined here, however, if you still encounter difficulty in stilling your mind, a tightening of the chest and difficulty in focusing then you haven’t been practising all of the steps right. Let’s start at the beginning.

Deep breathing: Don’t think of this as something for the folks who are into yoga. It really can make a difference when done right and during intervals throughout your day. Sit with your eyes closed and focus on your breathing , drawing in and paying heed to the breath passing through your nostrils, entering your body and also on the air that exits. Draw slow deep breaths, in and out and do about 5-10 counts according to your comfort levels, multiple times in a day.

Practise self care: It always pays to indulge in some self pampering. Whether it is just a manicure, a hair spa, a simple massage or any other change like a hair-cut, be sure to indulge yourself as your work your way out of stress and anxiety. Relaxing in an environment where you can pamper your self does wonders for your looks and also for the way you feel about yourself.

De-clutter your space: Mounting magazines and newspapers, clothes lying all over the bed, stacks of clutter in every corner of your home or room can really sap your energy. Take the steps to de-clutter, have a garage sale and get rid of everything that is simply occupying space and creating clutter. It will make a huge difference to your well being and make you feel better and this is one of the most important steps in tackling anxiety. As the clutter and messes fade, your to-do lists get smaller, more manageable and so does your anxiety.


Exercise: Exercise is an excellent way to deal with and tackle anxiety. A number of studies indicate that activities like dancing, exercise, swimming etc, increase a state of well being in people and help them to release greater amount of endorphins which help people feel happy.

Sleeping right: Rest is essential to curbing anxiety and stress. Be sure to get your 8 hours of sleep uninterrupted and even if you feel like you can’t sleep continue to lie with your eyes closed, focusing on your breathing to relax yourself and fall asleep. With the right routines and changes, you can transform yourself and feel more relaxed and healthy as days go by.