When considering keeping your home free of pests and other animals, it is important to understand that many animals and birds like bats are a natural part of the ecosystem. Bats in particular get rid of the large number of insects especially mosquitoes. However, if they are nesting in your home or premises, it can be quite difficult for you. Consider some humane and safe measures by which you can comfortably figure out how to get rid of bats, from your home.

If the home is uninhabited for a long period, of if the bats have been nesting in the attic region, then first figure out if there is a nesting colony in there or just one bat. Make sure that you evacuate them during the right season, and the young pup bats should fly out before the adults evacuate, else they will remain there and eventually die without care. Light, noise, garlic are all not the means to remove them, but merely superstitious methods without a scientific premise underlying it. Mostly engage in removing the bats during the summer and call in a specialist if you are unsure of how to get rid of bats by yourself.

Repeated sealing and checking should be done following an evacuation to ensure that they bats stay out always. When the bats leave at night for a feed, seal the spaces or openings/crevices through which they enter and leave the building. There may still be some left in the morning, be sure to let them out to feed and reseal, ensure that you do checks over 48 hour periods and you may have to do multiple resealing to finally be completely rid of the bats in your home.  You can also use an aerosol or cat repellent spray in the area where the bats used to rest/nest to prevent them from reforming a nest in there. But be sure to do it after the bats are gone so you do not harm them or kill them in your home.


Water spray is also a good and harmless way to get rid of bats. If you see bat dung in corners, there is likely bats living in that area, get the hose and spray them and this will discourage them from nesting there when repeated each time. Disturbing them using water does not harm them, it merely causes discomfort and discourages them from trying to live in that space again. After spraying mylar strips or repellents can be used to prevent them from returning. When trying to get rid of the bats, ensure that you leave the desired window or door open for the bats to exit. Also be sure to maintain silence and minimal lights as the bright lights or a lot of sound makes echolocation difficult for them while flying out and trying to locate an exit from the building. With consideration and care, you can in a very humane manner figure out the best way to rid your home of these creatures of the night.