Bats are deemed scary little creatures because of the fact that they hunt during the night and the promotion of this idea by the media. The truth is that they are really scary. They can even cause damages to the place they live in especially if they are staying inside a building. Driving them away is a very important job for many business owners in order to prevent the loss of business because of the bats. Although they may not be physically harmful to humans, there is still a need to drive them away to prevent serious property damage or loss.

how to get rid of bats

Driving bats away is not easy, especially if you are driving them away from an abandoned structure that they are using for their nesting place. There are also some laws that will prevent you from disturbing the bats roosting place. This is especially true in the United Kingdom where the bats are actually a part of the protected species list. Disturbing them or even trying to drive them away can cause you a serious law suit.

Bat Behavior

There are three main reasons why bats stay in one place. The first one is when they are comfortable in that particular place. Just like any animal, the bats are staying in that particular place because it is safe for them and there are a good number of food source. This will keep them alive and striving considering the fact that there are many bat species that are endangered.

Bats also hibernate. They stay in one place during the coldest seasons and stay in packs in order to keep themselves warm. This is only true in those areas where the cold weather is going in extreme lengths. In tropical places, bat hibernation does not exist.

how to get rid of bats

During the breeding season, bats will have to stay in that particular place in order to take care of their young. They can do it in a place where they are safe and there are a lot of food source. However, they will have to choose the best one there is if they are driven away recently.

Ways of Driving Bats Away

The question as to how to get rid of bats can be answered in so many different ways because there are many processes to do it without harming them or jeopardizing your freedom. You also have to remember that you cannot just drive the bats anytime you want. There is a right time and right scenario to drive them away. This is especially true if you are dealing with nursing bat colonies.

If you drive the parent bats away, the young ones will die. This may cause a serious law suit on your part for animal cruelty. This will also give you a very hard time cleaning up dead bats inside a facility. There are different times of the year in which bats usually nurse their young.

  1. Prevent building entry by covering up holes or any other open entrances. This should be done in unused or abandoned buildings. The quiet environment being provided by these buildings and the safety of its walls are very conducive to the lives of the bats. You should also check if there are any damages inside the building structure that might cause entry or further damage. If you have done this before and there are still bats, the covers might be damaged or there are still bats left inside the building when you placed the cover trapping them inside.


  1. Hang mothballs using thin cloth in the places where they usually stay. This will prevent them from nesting in that place. However, you have to make sure that you will do this while the bats are gone because the chemical compound found in these moth balls can be really dangerous to these animals. There are scenarios that you would have to do this over again because bats tend to go back to old nesting areas.


  1. Pesticides can also be good solutions. The scent of these ones can irritate bats and drive them away. Place these pesticides inside the area in which these bats stay. You just have to make sure that the amount is not enough to kill the bats. This will be a good process to prevent the reentry of bats. Sprays and aerosol repellants can also work. You just have to spray them in the exact area where the bats hang out. (source:

Some people are spreading rumors about the use of ultrasonic waves to drive these bats away. This is not true. Bats use ultrasonic waves to see in the dark. This will just serve as music to their ears. You can also build a bat house. However, this will not drive the bats away. This will just give them a nice place to stay once you have driven them away from the old place they are using.

On top of that, this will also help you because bats eat a lot of bugs and other insects keeping your area clean. Catching the bats to get rid of them is not a good idea. There are so many of them in one pack and these bats have the tendency to fight back. The best and most effective way to drive them away is exclusion.

Be careful with the use of pesticides because they are deadly substances for bats, considering the fact that there are a lot of endangered bat species. You have to contact the authorities if you are in the United Kingdom. This is because bats are protected species and the authorities are the only ones who are allowed to do the measures of taking them away.

These creatures are not necessarily dangerous because they are not carnivores. They would not attack humans if they are not harmed first. They may not cause serious damaged but they can drive a way people because of the notion that they are scary creatures. This means that they have to be driven away using humane and harmless ways.

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