Having an infestations of gnats in the family can be quite a problem, they tend to reproduce extensively and soon there will be a large scale problem at hand. It becomes very important to find the right solutions to tackle such infestations. You can find a number of different home remedies that will solve the issue once and for all, and it is also mostly natural means which leads to a complete solution for good. Gnats are quite a common occurrence and can be quite annoying over time. There are a number of factors that tend to attract gnats including wet floors, food remains, sinks, and rotten fruits. Outdoor sources are also a problem for attracting gnats, these include cats, dogs, house pets and sometimes even house plants.

There are a variety of methods by which you can eliminate gnats but first and foremost is the removal of the sources that tend to attract them. Firstly do not over stuff the house with too much of plants. Make sure that you also remove piles of compost and also other sources like stagnant water which can tend to create further problems of infestation. Ensure that you also remove all cracks or other sources of entry in the walls b y covering up all such openings with gypsum or some suitable material. Check potential sources of food and also ensure that you eliminate the waste food materials immediately. Keep covered at all times, waste materials and garbage and be sure to eliminate the waste in time without leaving it lying around.

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There are a number of home-made traps you can use which are made with vinegar. Vinegar is an easily available substance in the house. Gnats get easily attracted by the odor and they cannot escape easily as well. Ensure that you use something like a mason jar which doesn’t make it easy for the pests to leave after entering. Using a jar also makes the disposal process simpler as they remain trapped in it and can be easily rid of for good from your home.

The sink area also needs to be rid of gnats, as most commonly it tends to have food remnants and is a place where these insects tend to aggregate. You can use ammonia to clean the sink thoroughly and this will rid the space of the gnats once and for all. You can also mix up dish washing liquid with oil which makes a more slippery trap for the gnats, add in a few drops of apple cider vinegar which will attract the gnats into the trap more quickly. Another trap you can easily make at home is with a piece of rotten fruit. You can place the spoilt fruit in a jar of water and add in some bleach. The bleach will effectively kill off all of the insects that are attracted by the piece of spoilt fruit placed to draw them in. An option which is commonly used to rid the houseplants of gnat is diatomaceous earth. Also avoid over watering the plants, you can use the earth and sprinkle it all over the pots which will prevent the gnats from taking up residence there.