Hemorrhoids are an enlargement of the vein around the anal area which can be external or internal and causes immense discomfort to patients suffering from it. It can additionally be emotionally taxing to seek treatment as people feel ashamed to admit they have such a condition and may think it will go away on its own. It is not a life threatening condition but it causes a lot of problems to those having it including difficulty sitting. The pain from hemorrhoids left untreated can be quite agonising and a number of factors can cause it including lack of sleep, long shifts, frequent constipation, irregular eating habits. Contrary to popular belief, piles as it is commonly known isn’t caused by a lack of proper hygiene alone.

There are several precautions to be taken and an active change in lifestyle is one of the first requirements when trying to figure out how to get rid of hemorrhoids. It can also be quite humiliating to discuss your problem but the sooner you seek help and find out what changes to make, the better your prognosis. It is important to pay attention to your bathroom habits, start by consuming fiber rich foods and avoid over eating or consuming extremely spicy substances. Low fiber diets cause trouble during defecation which results in expanding the walls of the rectum causing swelling as well as inflammation of hemorrhoids.  This can lead to additional complications like bleeding in the region which is even more difficult to handle on top of existing symptoms.


There are a number of different gels and over the counter medication available for treating piles but consulting a doctor is primary as you identify the habits and routines that have caused it in the first place. Proper advice on care after passing motions, including being careful to use gentle soaps and washing the area thoroughly but gently are also important facts to consider. Ensure that you change underwear frequently especially if you have a lot of leakages and use warm baths with Epsom salts which relieves the pain and swelling of external piles.

Another method includes using cloves of garlic mixed up with olive or coconut oil which can be used as annal suppositories. This can be inserted into the rectum but this method although providing relief must be administered carefully as it can cause burning, so do prepare yourself for the task at hand. Aloe vera is also a good substance to use to reduce the discomfort from hemorrhoids, as it soothes the area. This can be applied using your fingers two or three times and provides considerable relief and completely clears up the condition with regular use. This is again a treatment for external variety of the condition. You can buy the aloe vera gels in ointment form from the local pharmacy or mash up naturally available aloe vera that is home grown which is even better.

There are many natural alternatives that can be tried in order to manage the situation effectively. First and foremost comes changes in your sleep, eating and other habits coupled with proper medication, care and rest. In no time, you will be free of hemorrhoids completely.