People with migraines are often misunderstood as lazy, inept or making excuses. The idea that a headache can be so debilitating is not easy for all to comprehend. A migraine is a strong headache which makes it very difficult for people to function. Things like strong light, sound etc can cause greater severity of the headache and hence people end up sitting indoors in a dark room trying to recuperate. In order to treat migraines you should be able to pinpoint the triggers. There are genetic causes for migraines but there are also environmental causes.

Sometimes certain kinds of food or food additives can trigger the migraine headaches, such as certain kinds of sugar, cheeses etc.  Some habits like skipping a meal can also trigger these severe migraine headaches in people. Alcohol, caffeine and certain carbonated drinks have also been found to be culprits causing migraine outbreaks in some children. If you have been suffering from lack of sleep or have improper eating habits, these are the first things to focus on when tackling the condition. Control your stress levels, try relaxation exercises such as breathing exercise, meditation etc.


A common alternative to treating a migraine is to use a cold compress, this has helped a lot of people to tackle the problem of migraines effectively or at least provides temporary relief. An important part of tackling migraines is adequate rest and making the environment soothing to help relieve the stress. Turn the lights low and crawl into your comfort space and try to get some sleep or lie with your eyes closed till the headache has tuned down. A number of people also endorse certain kinds of herbal medication in treating migraines. A calming herbal infusion may work to help with the condition and allow you to recover better. If dietary concerns are causing your migraines, you can explore herbal remedies to soothe the stomach and ones that encourage better nutrient absorption.

The importance of staying hydrated cannot be left out of the equation. One must drink plenty of water in order to help tackle the condition better. This allows the body to be better balanced and it helps to avoid the headaches. Water with omega 3 supplements, magnesium supplements and also more ginger in the daily diet is a good way to tackle the issue for some people. Make sure that you do not make any sudden changes in your daily routines which could also be the cause of a migraine attack like a change of oil used in your hair. Not all of us are stay-at-home workers, so the leisure of two days off every now and then may not be great for your career. Explore these options and see which ones provide the best relief for your migraine attacks. This helps reduce doctors visits, financial expenses incurred and also helps you to manage such a condition far more efficiently. With time and a fixed routine, you can prevent these migraines from controlling your life.