Ringworm otherwise known as tinea is a type of fungal infection that causes skin rashes. It can occur due to a number of reasons but can be treated using a wide variety of home remedies or simple topical creams to attain relief and complete eradication. If you are wondering how to get rid of ring worm problems effectively, read on to know more.

There are many different types of ringworm that can occur on various regions of your body and you need to first identify the type and then apply the right remedies. The best way to do this is to consult a dermatologist but there are also home remedies which you can try to eliminate the types you aren’t suffering from. Ringworm can also affect the scalp and groin area which can cause a lot of concern and issues. It is typically characterised by red scaly, itchy patches. There may be additionally blisters or oozing of the rashes.  Ringworm on the skin typically appears as a round reddish patch and the centers of the affected area which is what gives them a ring like appearance.


One of the common remedies for ring worm is to use tea tree oil. This is popularly recommended for ring worm occurring on the feet region. Treating fungal infections of the feet which are ring worm involves cleansing the area and then applying tea tree oil with a cotton ball. Make sure that you squeeze out excess oil from the cotton before applying and repeat this three times daily for the best results.

Garlic extract or pureed garlic is quite effective as an anti-fungal medication. Garlic shows quite a good results in treating ring worm, however, it is also good for increasing hair growth so that’s an after effect to watch out for with this natural remedy. Another ingredient from the shelves in your kitchen to treat vinegar is apple cider vinegar. A substance with many natural benefits, it can be used to treat the ringworm as it has strong anti fungal properties. It can be applied three to five times over a period of three days and immediate reduction of ringworm is seen in many cases. Coconut oil is a well known ingredient for treating many skin concerns and ring worm is certainly one of them. The oil is greatly effective in reducing the itch and also great for treating ring worm occurring in the scalp region. You can eliminate residue and also can effectively treat any build up of the infection in no time.

A highly recommended and soothing remedy for combating ringworm is a combination of jojoba and lavender oil. You can mix a teaspoon of both essential oils and use a cotton ball to dab the affected areas. Lavender oil has proven antifungal properties according to many studies and used by itself also yields very good results for treating and eradicating ring worm. Mustard seeds soaked in water overnight and made into a paste can also be applied to effectively rid yourself of problems with ring worm. Turmeric known for its highly antibiotic properties is also recommended when treating problems like ring worm all over the body.