Everybody ages. For some, the process is slow. For others, the process is much faster. Wrinkles are a clear sign that your skin is getting older and wiser along with you. But then, everyone hates skin that sags. Are you scared that it might happen to you too soon?

Some celebrities are considered to be ageless. Well, we all know that there’s no such thing, but it’s commendable how they manage to keep their skin so healthy in spite of getting older and older every day. It’s actually not that hard to maintain your skin, regardless of whether you have a load of cash lying around for skin treatments. There are other methods to keep wrinkles at bay too. Here’s an overview of how you can achieve that flawless skin even if age plays catch up with you:


  • Botox: It’s actually a very helpful technique if you can afford it. Though, celebrities are known to overdo botox treatments, and it has led to disastrous effects for them, including unwanted bulges around their face, distorted lips and many more such problems. Botox is a pure version of a toxin called Botulinum. Botox allows muscles below the wrinkle to relax a little, which in turn allows the upper part of the skin to stay free from unnecessary folds or creases.
  • Light resurfacing: You can trick the natural healing powers of the body by making it form more collagen. In this technique, a light source (usually lasers) imparts its energy on the skin, removing the skin’s top layer. This causes some “wounding” on the skin, which triggers collagen-making cells to make more. Therefore, wrinkles are replaced by skin that’s smoother and stronger.
  • Soy: You must have more soy for stronger skin. Researchers have claimed that soy supplements have properties that make the skin firm and improve the structure after using them for just 6 months. Tests on animals have also confirmed this.
  • Fish: Proteins are one of the most essential contents if your aim is to have skin that’s stronger and tougher. Fish is a vast treasure trove of proteins, especially salmon. It also has omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to give your skin a fuller and healthier look and feel, reducing the number of lines on your face in the process.
  • Special creams: Many cosmetic brands invest a lot of money in research and development for their products. Creams that reduce the number of wrinkles are the new fad. Most of these creams are known to be effective, at least for the short term. These creams are available at any general or medical store near your house. All you have to do is buy one!
  • Cocoa: Avoid coffee, and start having cocoa! Cocoa has ingredients that protect the skin from possible sun damage. Some of its ingredients also improve blood circulation to skin cells, making the skin stronger.
  • Fruits and vegetables: Having more fruits and vegetables instead of junk is always helpful, even in the case of wrinkles. They can make your skin light up with energy by fighting damage caused by unstable molecules on the skin.
  • Sleep: Excess cortisol is produced if you stay awake, and that destroys skin cells. Make sure you get adequate amounts of sleep, because growth hormones are produced faster as a result, making your skin more flexible and resistant to folds.


So, these are some of the best ways to counter ageing, and keep your skin as healthy as you want it to be.