Google’s search results provides ranking to various SEOs, which has become more challenging over the years due to advanced factors/ metrics used by Google to fight web spam and make search results more relevant to people worldwide.

Today, various concepts such as “co-occurrence” and “co-citation” amongst others have helped solve this ranking issue over and above traditional link building and on-site optimization techniques among others.

  • Co-Occurrence – This refers to the association of particular phrases and closely related to the important keywords. This close association of important keywords forms an association, which Google understands as a search engine factor.

One can even use the website’s internal linking or blogs for better associations.

  • Authority Signals – Various indicators for brand/ website authority over the web have been developed over the years in addition to links such as what one genuinely says about the brand, traffic behavior, website’s domain authority, site’s usage data, social signals such as link opportunities and acquiring better traffic.
  • Entry Optimization – For search engines to understand the brand, the visitors must be aware of the brand. This can be done by bringing about consistency in the usage in content writings that reflect the brand’s identity.


  • Social Influence –This takes place through how emotions or behaviors of one party affect the others. People often follow the crowd and heavily rely on the reviews of others on products. One can even follow thought leadership and try a product without any reviews and share their views on the same with others.
  • Getting Brand Mentions and Better Links – Once a brand or site has created a name for itself in the digital space, it becomes easier to get natural links and mentions of brand, which hugely impact the website’s search visibility. Some of the measures which one can use are – get interviews, list the site as a resource, detailed coverage, get brand mentioned in group interviews, become a content contributor, etc.
  • Better Content – Using one’s own ideals and influences in the content makes it believable and more expressible to people. This can help in adding a new value dimension to the content by setting it apart from others as well as in small ways by commenting on other people’s works or participating on social media.

Content is the main basis for any content marketing plan and adds substantial value to the product or the service promoted. It should be detailed, informative with in-depth knowledge about the product or service being advertised. Blog comments too can provoke curiosity and build the brand and writer’s authority. It helps in getting one’s brand mentioned in future references too.

There are many more ways in addition to the above to gain a good rank in the Google SERPs, but the key aspect is how people would describe the product/ service/ writer as an authoritative brand. This is the same as to how a search engine like Google would identify it. Thus, optimizing and branding is essential for writers in terms of digital media.