Stress is one of the worst problems to occur in recent times. So many people come home, tired from their desk jobs, stressing about the work for next day, and worried about what their boss might say to them. The workload keeps increasing and increasing every year, and there are a number of suicides and illnesses happening due to this.

It’s the restlessness that drives stress in most cases. Sometimes, it’s lack of exercise. Maybe, you have a lot of annoying kids to handle. You’re probably a housewife who is trying her best to juggle a zillion tasks at home. Either way, stress creeps into your mind, and all you want to do is smash some things.


There are much better ways to cope up with this situation:

  • Music: Soft music is an instant relief when your mind is clogged up with a lot of unnecessary stuff that’s worrying you. Or, you can listen to music that you like. Music has calming effects throughout the mind and body. It is known to reduce quantities of cortisol (a hormone that causes stress) in your body. Music also slows down your heart a little, lowering the pressure. Soft background scores like sounds from the ocean or birds chirping can also help relieve stress.
  • Diet: The professional life is hard, and one forgets to eat from time to time while working, which is not reassuring at all. A bad diet can cause a whole set of problems linked to stress, like weakness and exhaustion. Junk food is a strict no-no. One should have fresh vegetables and fruits in their meals, and include anything that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like some varieties of fish.
  • Laughter: Laughter, in this case, is the best medicine of them all. When you laugh, your cortisol and adrenaline levels drop and you become less stressful. The trick is to enjoy life, hang out with your best buddies, have a drink and be merry.
  • Tea: A cup of coffee while you try finishing a project at night can only be a cause for concern. Instead, have some green tea that can help soothe you. With a healthy mix of antioxidants and theanin (amino acid that calms the nervous system), green tea can go a long way in making sure you’re not stressed out.
  • Meditation: You don’t have to learn all the possible yoga positions to be able to do this. All you have to do is: be in a comfortable seating position, keep your eyes closed and think of positive thoughts or memories in your mind. If done daily, you’ll be much peaceful as a person, and there’ll be a visible glow on your face the next time you go to work.
  • Breathing: Simple breathing exercises can do wonders to calm you down. Take some time off whatever you’re doing, close your eyes, sit upright, and breathe deeply. You might want to do this near a tree or in a garden, where there’s a constant supply of oxygen. This helps in slowing your heart rate down and regulating blood pressure.


These simple tips and tricks to counter stress will go a long way in clearing your mind and putting a smile on your face.