One of the top bad financial habits is letting money control your life. But we cannot escape the human world and its whims. We are all here for a human experience and along with this there also comes the experience to deal with money.

To control your money, you need to ask yourself a simple question: Where is my money going? Once you begin to understand where your money is spent, it’s easy to track and manage it. Here are 10 strategies that may help you view money in a more positive light:

Stick to a Budget

Make a list of your expenses and your income. If you are spending more than you are making, you seriously need to make changes. Go through your expense list and let go of unnecessary stuff. Try to spend on what is truly essential and what you cannot live without.

 The Habit of Saving

No matter how little you earn, it’s always a good idea to save. Saving is not only a good habit, but it also makes us feel protected in a sense, that you have money if and when you need it for an uncalled emergency.


Know Your Worth

Many of us are scared to ask for a raise when working at some place for a fear that you might get turned down. If you feel that you deserve a raise, it is definitely fine to ask. Pitch a solid negotiation for why you deserve it and be confident with your approach. Also, make sure you have a strategy in place for what you will do if you are turned down. Sometimes, it’s okay to get controlled by money, but make sure in case of failure; it’s not that one thing affecting you.


Our thoughts are what the reality becomes. Close your eyes and visualize what it feels like to be free from the stress of money. Do this for just a few minutes or whenever you feel stressed about your finances. Meditate, chant some mantras for inner peace and always believe in yourself.

Matter of Perspective

Instead of focussing on how much you don’t have, focus on how MUCH you have. When you focus on more, you receive more. Try to practice kindness for all that you have and show appreciation for what you have, this gratitude will bring in more opportunities.

Supplemental Income

 If your expenses are high, why not consider a part time work on the side? It could be anything from being a babysitter or a homework tutor etc. that might fetch additional income for you.  Alternatively, you can sell your old clothes online or craft items on various sites to make a little more money than present. Don’t forget, every bit counts.


Ask for Support:

Don’t hesitate to ask for money from your family, relatives or neighbours when you’re falling short of it. It’s okay to ask for support when you need it. Assure them you’ll pay back on time or maybe in instalments if it suits them. Always be grateful to people, as you never know who could be helpful in the most catastrophic times.