Today, the world has become a global village and technology bridges the gap of communication across territories. People speak many different languages across the world and being bilingual offers you a competitive edge. It is not only fun learning a second language, but also makes you stand out in the competitive world. Not to forget to mention, it boosts up your resume as it opens the doors for more amazing job opportunities and increased salaries. Benefits of learning a second language can be summed up as below.


  1. Emigration: When you move to different city or country, learning a second language will help you communicate easily with others. It will help you better understand their community. It will also demonstrate your interest and commitment in the country. You won’t feel left out from the group as you can easily understand each other.
  2. Work opportunities: Job opportunities have increased with the world turning into a global village. Knowing another language will always give you a competitive edge while searching for jobs or maintaining your current job. Companies who plan to expand overseas are constantly in search of bilingual individuals as it will help in understanding the market of that country.
  3. Travel: Knowing a second language helps you when you are traveling. For instance, knowing French will help you communicate when you visit France. It often gets difficult to understand if you do not know a second language. It poses a great difficulty during times of crisis.
  4. Studies: Some of the universities have made it mandatory to learn the language of their country if one is interested in pursuing further studies there. Some of the famous universities even conduct their teaching in their native language. Thus students are obliged to learn a second language.
  5. Brain health: Studies have even shown that learning a second language is beneficial for brain health. Absurd right? But studies show that it has positive effects on the brain and that it delays the onset of a few brain-related diseases such as Alzheimer and dementia, compared to those who only speak their native language.
  6. Improved first language: Many people find that while learning a second language, they come to know about the mistakes in their vocabulary and grammatical structure of the first language. While learning the second language, many people find that they have a greater understanding of their first language.
  7. Secret Communication: Oh yes! Now you and your friends can secretly communicate in a language that others don’t know, the main advantage being you can easily communicate in public without fearing others knowing about it.