Online shopping is something that has increased manifold in the past few years. This is one sector that has seen a steep rise in its business and growth over the years and continues to dominate the market and other forms of shopping.  In this age of digitalization, consumers have become more comfortable with choosing stuff for themselves over a click than going through the tedious task of visiting shops, physically comparing the products and then choosing the best. Online shopping has allowed consumers to compare amongst the various schemes and brands of their products and then chose the one that fits their requirements the best.

However, the only loop hole in this entire concept is the trust factor. More often than not, the individual sellers do supply genuine products and good after sale service too.  However, there is a possibility that some rare seller may not be genuine; or may not be as good as the others in providing the before and after sale services. Since there is no direct contact between the seller and the consumer, online reviews of the seller and products by the past consumers  acts as a guide and a help for the existing, new and even the first time online shoppers to choose their seller and the product discretely.  Online reviews give a clear insight into the product from multiple aspects and points of views that might not even strike to the consumer purchasing the products. It gives an unbiased opinion of how the entire buying experience has been, and what you can expect out of the same.


Online reviews hence guide the consumers and can be used in favour or against a seller too. It can be one of those agents that increase the sales due to the great shopping experience the past buyers have had. People have the tendency to consult others before investing their hard earned money into goods and services. So who would be better than an experienced user to guide and suggest a buyer to choose a particular brand or product? A good online review record increases the online reputation of the sellers and the product simultaneously.  This in turn ensures the featuring of the seller and the product in the search engine results at a better rate and a better ranking than the others who do not have a good online sales review record.

Business organisations are suggested to encourage more and more consumers to write reviews for them. The higher the number of reviews, the greater is the popularity and hence, the crowd that they reach out is vast and varied. Working on the bad reviews, making amendments to correct them and help the consumer have a pleasant shopping experience, can help you extract a good review from the consumer and hence, increase the social reputation. It will also result in the dominance (of the product and the organisation) amongst the various search engine results due to their healthy and active online business practices.