Socially,TWITTER is not known to be a place for posting personal stuff. It is more towards informative updates for general public and now, TWEETING more the one’s personal views regarding the current affairs. While no place on internet is safe, twitter has taken many steps to keep it safer.

From all the safety measures that twitter is taking to keep it safer, check mark has really helped people to get rid of the fake profiles. These checkmarks are mostly applied to accounts of famous person as politician, musicians, movies, business, fashion, government, sports media, and journalism and so on. That is the main reason why many celebrities are using twitter. Twitter helps them to stay connected with their fans and share their life style with them. This helps them to maintain popularity quotient and ultimately, they are caring for their career as well.


There are countless celebs over twitter that you can’t even imagine. But one can keep a track of leading users on twitter. Number of followers (number of people interested in you or your tweets.) decides how famous someone is on twitter.

On the twitter, ‘followers’ are the people who subscribe your page and follow your tweets. Twitter lets you see whom are you following and who is following you. After subscribing someone’s tweets, you will get their updates on your page.

Some of the leading users on twitter with a very high count of followers are as follows

  • Katy Perry (73,511,579 followers): American singer and songwriter. She is the most famous one on the twitter.
  • Second place is conquered by Justin Beiber (66,032,748 followers) a singer and a song writer as well.
  • Barack Obama has grabbed the position three (62,601,997). 44thS. President.
  • Position 4th, 7th, and 11this seized by amazing singers from U.S. Taylor Swift (61,496,773 followers), Lady Gaga (49,304,590) and Britney Spears (42,694,460 followers) respectively.
  • Websites like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are on 5, 10, 12, and 75 numbers respectively.
  • Bachhan from India (16,238,139 followers) takes 58th place and Mr. Narendra Modi (14,169,318) prime minister of India is on 72nd position.
  • 100thposition is capture by NASA.
  • Indian beauties like Dipika Padukon, Priyanka Chopra are in list of top 200 leading twitter users.

There is also a list available of smartest user on twitter. Leonardo DiCaprio: The Wolf of Wall Streetactor grabbed the number one position in that list with 10,537,477followers. Jimmy Kimmel, Samuel L. Jackson, Justin Bieber’s mom are among the sharpest celebrities online, according to an analysis of their tweets.

There are infinite numbers of celebs are lined up on various positions of Twitter and so there fans with almost 304 million monthly active users. But there are also few people yet very famous over twitter.

  1. Steven Johnson (1,447,419 followers), an author of 7 books, a co-founder of 3 websites and also has a blog where he discuss pop culture and innovation. He is a great source of tech and media news.
  2. Sokington or Jason Scott (1,493,274 followers), is a computer historian in Waltham, MA. He is a comic relief.
  • Stefanie Michaels (1,494,554 followers), also known as adventure girl. Her popularity grew as a travel expert as her business took her around the world. She now has a book, her own website and was named “America’s Tweerteart” by Vanity Fair in February 2010.
  1. Jack Dorsey (1,584,129 followers). Sounds relevant? He is one of the co-founder of twitter.
  2. Veronica Belmont (1,603,656 followers) is the girl who loves video games. She is an expert in social media and an avid video gamer.

This is the list of people who influence our lives with their lifestyle and spare some time to stay connected via twitter.