Peace. The word itself gives us a sense of calmness from within. However, that calmness is short-lived due to the constant battle and chaos on around and within us. The peace that we crave cannot be acquired without trying; we have to work for it. Peace is not something that can be purchased or borrowed from someone; it is something personal that can be gained only through peace of mind and heart.

Gaining world peace is far-fetched. We cannot expect it right away. But peace in our lives and within us is something we have control over and can acquire easily. Gaining peace does not mean being wealthy or having power. It means to love a life with no regrets and no more cravings. There is always a time when one wishes for such a life. That is the life we need to achieve, our ultimate goal to happiness and peace.

To live such a live, we need to create a positive vibe, a positive aura. Giving out positive vibes would not only help us, but also conditions around us. To gain this positivity, we need to be exposed to positive things and actions. Positivity could include helping others, healthy lifestyle, making people around you happy, being happy and cheerful, etc. It is a simple theory. Like attracts like. If you are negative, there are negative vibes around you and negative things will happen to you. But if you are a lump of positivity, everything is going to be splendid.


Getting close to nature also helps greatly to achieve the peaceful life we wished for. Nature gives out positivity in abundance. Being close to nature will not only make you positive, but also make you healthy and bring you closer to yourself. The day to day life makes us so busy that we do not have time for ourselves and our loved ones. Nature would help us bring a sense of serenity inside us and everything around us would be more beautiful to our eyes.

Music equals to peace. This might be subjective depending from person to person. But it has been proven that music can calm and create peace within people. Listening to music calms down those chaotic thoughts going around our minds and shuts them down completely. It releases those peaceful thoughts and feelings inside us that make us look at the world as a wonderful and fantastic place. Music is something that is different from everyone. A person might find peace listening to soft jazz music, while some might find peace in rock songs. The bottom line is, however, music helps us live a peaceful life.

Peace can be wished and gained at any age. It is not a jewel only for the rich or the old or the young ones. It is something that everyone deserves. However, it can only be gained by those who actually want it and work for it. So, peace is your final treasure, seek it and live a life you always dreamed of.