We know how important personal growth is for each and every person out there. We are accustomed to living in a society that is filled with blind beliefs and obligations. An individual’s growth gets hampered in such a narrow minded environment. However, if we don’t ensure our growth, we can never get ahead and achieve success in life. Hence, in order to gain a better perspective on improving lives, given below are some factors that can aid an individual:

  1. Totality: Personal growth takes place when you try to improve your emotional, financial, mental, intellectual, and spiritual state of mind as a whole. It requires working in unison and hence you have to take the overall concept in consideration.
  2. Reason: Figure out how you want this growth to take place. Being disappointed by who you are is not an answer. You have to think of this as taking yourself a notch higher and only then you can succeed. Once you figure out the reason, your results will be exquisitely provided to you, for which you have to put a considerable amount of hard work and initiate this growth.
  3. Dedication: Don’t try to improve yourself because you have to. That will only lead you to more unhappiness. You have to try to make yourself better because you want to and there should be no negative influence attached to it.
  4. Strength: This change should strengthen who you are more than anything else. This change will eventually benefit you and the people around you. If a change is harming anyone in any way or creating a bad aura around you, then such change is pointless. When you improve yourself, it will make you stronger. If it’s not making you stronger, then you need to revisit and revise.
  5. Time: Time is a very important factor. But, not when it comes to personal growth. You have to let the feeling sink in and try to not rush into it. You will improve gradually over a passage of time. So, don’t sit there and wait for things to happen overnight. The more time it takes for you to reach where you desire, the better it will be.
  6. Keep moving: Don’t ever become stagnant and stubborn at one particular thing or place. You should make sure that you always keep moving so that your efforts don’t become redundant and therefore, useless.


  1. Society: Don’t let the social pressure stop you from discovering who you are and improvising on that. There can be nothing worse than getting influenced by some social norms when it comes to personal growth.
  2. Resources: The resources that you need to grow personally in your life is a clear state of mind, a spiritual connection with your soul, and the focus to get achieve your goal. With the combination of such resources, the growth of an individual is bound to always keep rising.
  3. Principles: To do anything in life, you have to follow certain principles. You should maintain strict discipline to improve yourself or else, you can lose the effectiveness of the journey.