Have you ever created a mess for yourself by being in a bad mood?  Most people are known to get into bad moods mainly because other people in their life have pushed their life buttons.  You need to worry. We have a simple approach that is capable of resetting your mood back to enable you have more power.

The approach which involves 5 steps is simple.

Arrest the Hijack

Amygdala refers to the part of the brain that has only one job; to react. A few centuries back, the amygdala was used for coming up with fight for fight response to the other threat types. Today, people have completely evolved and none is usually interested to exercise fight for fight response. The amygdala still takes control whenever a situation or someone pushes your button which makes you lose control and descends into bad moods.

Change the Power Assignment

You need to note that no one is capable of hurting you with his/ her own words. It is the type of response you have to what they have said that determines the negative impact. Actually, they will always have a choice to utter what they are interested in. You are the one responsible for assigning power to the words that hurt you. If you decide to assign lesser power to the words or person who spoke them out, you will definitely diminish the negative impact. Whenever someone or some situation pushes your buttons, you need to determine how much power you want to assign.

Always Engage in Time Travel

Never take the time travel thing literally. It is always a mind game. Take some time and go up to 10 years into the future and look back at this exact situation that is pushing you into a bad mood. Take some time and reflect for some few seconds to see if it is really getting worked up whenever you look back from the distant. Actually, the petty squabbles of yesterday will have a pale look today while todays’ petty squabbles will have a pale look tomorrow.


Always ask the Magic Question

There is always that one magic question which has created some wonders for you. You need to ask yourself this question and there are always high chances that the question will create wonders for you.

In most circumstances the question is; I am here. Where next? Take a pause, reflect and think about it.

“I am here”, the first part of the question concerns about the fact that history can never be changed. Whatever happens you know that you are here.

“Where next?” the second part of the question is about selecting the possibilities over blaming, whining or being victimized.


Anytime you have escaped descending into a bad mood, you probably would have reclaimed some precious hours in your life. Every win of such situation will always prove that you can actually have a much better response to situations and individuals who are responsible for pushing your buttons.