The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and IPhone 6S Plus are two of the biggest high-end phones of 2015. Both go one on one with each other in the battle of the pallets. Now they both are here starting a battle of comparison in the world of technology. In this article we will provide genuine comparison between two regarding different aspects.

Both stand with their premium designs as promised giving you an expensive feel and look. Note 5 is posterior in this regard as giving fear of being broken easily with glass in back while iPhone is all metal while equally enormously stylish. But for those who want to keep possible highest resolution note 5 wins.6s is heavier and bigger than its rival IPhone 6s. To be more precise 11% more in weight, if this much more carrying can be cause of concern for you.

Samsung galaxy Note 5  gives you one incredible facility to write your notes even without turning you screen on while iPhone on other hand gives you not only  touch screen but feeling of real interface experience and feeling of literally pushing the screen with its 3D touch feature.

Talking about performance, instead of having more memory on RAM Samsung galaxy Note 5 fails to beat apple in loading and exiting apps in recently conducted tests. Samsung galaxy Note 5 made it easy to win on paper but in real time we all know Apple’s phones are usually almost smooth during operation. You are right to assume here that iPhone 6s is faster than Samsung galaxy Note 5 that is why IT gives you better gaming experience. Not only is that but 6s better in multitasking.


Samsung galaxy Note 5’S finger print identification is as good as it should have been but touch idea of iPhone will blow you out of the water. Coming to one of the most important factor for almost all of us that is camera. As we are talking about two most high tech tablets of this time ,so it will be unjust to judge camera quality from pixels alone so we won’t sketch any dramatic conclusions here. On paper you can see a lot of difference, note 5 beating iPhone s6 easily. Is this the case in real time too? For the matter of fact, YES! Note 5 preserve the naturalism of the image with its optical image stabilization and will help to escape from shaky hands without ruining the shots. .Front cameras of both phones having same megapixels will give you almost the same results; there isn’t likely much difference between the two. Now coming to the final and key feature for users of smart phones that is battery life. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a 3,020 m Ah removable battery and iPhone 6s has non-removable battery.6s battery life is little more than note 5 in spite of number being told iPhone rules over note 5.

Apple’s super-sized phone has got unique features that make it a different proposal, and if are just a fan of iOS, you probably wants to get iPhone 6 plus when you compare its technical specification with Galaxy note 5, however Samsung Galaxy note 5 has better display, camera and power and therefore is a better phone on the paper.