Self respect is how you treat yourself and not how others treat you. It is the way you respect yourself for who you actually are. One of the most important factors that define you and your character is self-respect. For gaining others respect, you need to develop respect for yourself first. Sometimes, people don’t really value themselves therefore, lack self-respect. For this purpose here are some tips that will help you hold on to your self-respect:


  • Keep up with your promises
    It is very important that you be a person of your words. Once you make promises and don’t keep up with it, people tend to lose belief in you and eventually, that leads to a loss of respect. And if they don’t respect you for not keeping up with your promises, someday you will neither. So, you have to make sure that you keep your promises and don’t go on breaking them.
  • Adhere to your principles
    If you have certain principles, you shouldn’t lose them for anything in the world. Because the moment you do it, you will lose respect for yourself and that will be difficult to gain back. So, stick to your principles no matter what happens.
  • Don’t beg for anything
    If you love someone or something, ask for it, but don’t ever beg. Because, it changes the way people look at you. And, most importantly, it will change the way you look at yourself. The people who love you will stay with you without you having to beg them to stay and, the ones you beg to stay with you aren’t worth it and don’t deserve you.
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  • Stand up for what you believe in
    If you believe in something; don’t let the shyness or your minority get in the way of you standing up for it. You have a voice, make it count. You will gain respect for yourself if you said what you believed in and stood by it no matter what.
  • Love yourself
    We teach other how to treat us on the bases of how we treat ourselves. So, it is not important what they think of you because, the only opinion that matters is yours. So, if you are capable o giving yourself the love and respect you deserve, it will come from everyone around you. You just have to keep loving yourself and treat yourself the way you want others to treat you.

Don’t humiliate yourself
Yes, it is good to able to laugh at yourself, but you have to know when to draw the line. Sometimes, self-deprecating jokes give others the chance to disrespect you. You have to make sure you don’t humiliate yourself in front of others on purpose just to get noticed or anything else. People will respect you more if you are calmer and poised. So, respect yourself for the way you are and stay true to your candor.