In a world where people are highly competent, obsessed with career growth, ratings, compensation and hike one should always stick to his values and have his feet firmly grounded. As the saying goes “Work is Worship”, we need to perform our duties as well as give importance to maintain decorum at the workplace. We meet different types of personalities in our daily schedule of 9 hours and it is a common fact that conflict may arise at times.

Below are seven tips which may be useful to maintain cordial relationship with co-workers for a healthy working environment:-

  1. A smiling face

One should try to nurture this art at office. It is a big ‘Mantra’ to get along with co-workers. Human psychology is such that people are attracted towards personalities with a smiling face and pleasant nature and communicating with them is easy.


  1. Be helpful

To help a colleague in stressful situation where he is subjected to lot of mental pressure not only helps in relieving his pressure but also creates a good impression of you in his mind. This boosts your image in front of others.

Businesswoman yelling in businessman's ear

Businesswoman yelling in businessman’s ear

  1. Communication is important

Communication is very important in workplace both with seniors or subordinates. Apart from work related talks spend some time with your colleagues discussing their interests, hobbies. However refrain from back-biting as it creates a negative work environment.


  1. Behaviour and attitude

As the saying goes “Attitude matters”. Never criticize a person in front of others which leads to bitterness. Behaviour of a person reflects his nature. Always try to be optimistic, have a cordial relation and be soft spoken. Make a habit of listening to your colleagues, show interest in what they say.


  1. Be understanding

This is one of the important keys to get along with co-workers. Always remember no person is perfect and can make mistakes. Keeping your calm and putting your legs in someone else’s shoe to understand their situation acts like an asset.


  1. Diplomacy

It is an art which one should develop over a period of time and use it as and when necessary. Diplomacy helps in avoiding hostile situation among the co-workers.

However being diplomatic always gives a negative impression about you as it leads to office politics and a negative workplace environment.


  1. Give space

Although most of the people do not agree about giving space but it is an important factor in maintaining a good relation with your colleagues. Eg. Suppose a subordinate need a day’s leave and asks you for the same, grant a leave once in a while. It gives your colleague a break and he will remain honest with you for his work and not make unnecessary excuses at work to skip it.

All the above mentioned points are basic ingredients in fabricating a true, cordial and jovial relation with co-workers and must be followed for maintaining a positive, healthy and decent working environment. All the above mentioned points must be kept in mind to have a healthy professional relationship with co-workers.