The success of every business depends on delivering the right product or service to the right customer at the right time. The ability to provide great product and service consistently alone helps in retaining and building customers’ base by word of mouth, referrals, etc. Hence, there are various processes adopted by agencies, consultants, and businesses for their SEOs or content marketing plans.

  • KnowledgeEvery business to promote its product or service should have sufficient knowledge about it as well as the challenges should be addressed to achieve its pre-determined goals. The right knowledge about these matters helps to determine the areas that need to be addressed and therefore, yield more results.
  • Internal SEO AuditTechnical SEO audits and implementations are imperative to SEO service providers as it helps to document the onsite auditing for the marketing plan’s initial process and grow higher.
  • Keyword Research and Content Initial start-up business need to identify the right key words to find their potential customers through their searches in The content should be aligned with the keywords.


  • Optimization of Advanced Search TechnologiesTheclients’ websites should be prepared for the future with additional advanced search technologies such as phrase based indexing, natural language processing, etc. This improves the client’s business’ retention rate, thereby building and optimizing the site and brand.
  • Content –Regularly updating the client’s website with detailed content adds sufficient value to the traffic growth. Other improvements include adding visuals and designs, testing the performance, related internal links, etc.
  • Data–Driven Re-Optimizations –SEO consulting includes finding profitable opportunities for the clients, which can be done with Re-Optimizations. This helps in determining the keyword variations or search queries and re-optimizing the pages to match the searches.

This helps in increasing potential customers and retaining the existing ones to the business.

  • Local/ International and Mobile SEO –It is integral to assess the traffic of the client’s website in a detailed manner to check their geographic locations. This provides the client with opportunities in the most optimal manner based on the traffic geographically.
  • Page/ Link Pruning –One should properly diagnose and ensure the safety of the client’s websites from future algorithms, updates, and penalties.
  • Authority Building –This involves demonstrating the brand as an authority through information, ideas, and the product / service provided to the customer and thereafter, benchmarking the brand with other similar brands in the client’s industry.

This can be done by content development and building trust relationships with top domains and publishers in the industry by publishing regular content for them.

  • Holiday Campaigns –Launching holiday-based campaigns with discounts and give-aways are one of the best ways to drive potential customers to the website with inclusions of related links.
  • Deep Broken Link Building – This helps the SEO become more consistent by linking various websites such as Buzzstream to promote upcoming events, etc. 
  • Content Network – Building content quality niche sites, in particular, industries helps clients get potential leads for their businesses, build relationships with other publishers in the field, earn extra income through ads, etc.
  • Relationship Building – Providing additional services helps in building long term relationships with clients.