Social Media Marketing is the basic requirement for a successful business enterprise now days. Being active, available and approachable on social media makes a business enterprise more favourable than others.

Facebook Business Manager is one such platform that enables you to gather and attract your customers, fellow business partners and producers on a common platform. This common platform is called a ‘page’ or Facebook Business Pages, abbreviated as Facebook Biz often. Facebook has kept the formation of a page quite simple and to the point.  Let me take you through a quick tour on how to make a Facebook Biz Page.

Step 1: Choose a Classification

Facebook offers six classifications or categories under which a business can generally fall. These classifications are:

  1. Local Business or Place: This includes those businesses and organizations that are restricted only to the boundaries or area of a particular city/state.
  2. Company, Organization, or Institution: These are those organizations that work on a global level.
  3. Brand or Product: This kind of a page is picked for a specific brand or more specifically a product.
  4. Artist, Band, or Public Figure: This page encompasses artists such as actors, poets, writers, entertainers’ .etc.
  5. Entertainment: This is not a business page but is only a platform that brings together people with similar interest and choices.
  6. Cause or Community: Another non corporate page, such kind of pages are built to promote a cause or a community that promotes various or specific causes.



Step 2: Fill in the basic details

Once the classification is chosen, Facebook requires the basic details of both, the business and the admin or admins who would be operating the page. The basic details include Name, Address, Area, About, Profile Picture .etc.


Step 3: Increase your audience

Besides the basic details, Facebook gives you options and ways to reach out to more people and audience. Some tacts are paid where as few limited and beginner’s editions are unpaid. One of these is when Facebook would ask you if you want a ‘like’ button on your page or not. Choose the one you find the most appropriate and suitable for your business and start networking already!


Step 4: ADMIN your page

Start administering your page .i.e. custom your page and the notifications as per your choice and requirement. The ‘settings’ option on the top of the page will help you set up the page well. It takes in the page info where you can add additional details about your business besides the one you have already mentioned during filling up the classifications and basic details. The ‘notifications’ option enables you to customise the notifications as per your comfort. It will keep in mind the frequency, the time period .etc. during which you wish to receive notifications about your social activities on the page. In the end, ‘Page Roles’ will help you allocate various positions and designations to various people who have been added as admins on the page. It spells out the main managers of the page and other people who are responsible in its functioning.

There you are now, with your own Facebook Biz! Start posting!