Wixis an idea of making your website building experience with full of ease and satisfaction. This was an idea of 3 tech brains, which came into existence to enable the users to give reality to their websites without limiting their creativity. It gives identity to your vision of online business.

Wix.com is a cloud based platform that enables user to design HTML websites and mobile sites by using their drag and drop tools. These drag and drop tools constitute of 100s of remarkable templates, top grade hosting and endless features. But the best part is that all these services are for free. Wix is created on a freemium business model and earn its revenues from premium upgrades. By upgrading, users can connect their sites to their own domain with many other privilege facilities.

Wix was launched in the year 2006. Journey of Wix started as an accidental idea of 3 genius people i.e. AvishaiAbrahami, NavadAbrahami, and Giora Kaplan, who were trying to create a website. They felt that the traditional procedure of website construction is just meant of tech-savvy or professionals, which costs a lot and sometimes frustrating too as people won’t get the results they seek for. To get people rid of all these difficulties, they created a platform that allows everyone to create their own website and that too without any need of coding or any other tech skills required for constructing websites.


The company Wix has its headquarters in Tel, Aviv with its offices in Vilnius, San Francisco, New York City and Dnepropetrovsk. Investors who backed this by financing their establishing process were Benchmark Capital, Bessemer Venture partners, Mangrove Capital Partners, and Insight Venture Partners.

Wix stepped into an open beta phase in year 2007 through a platform based on adobe flash. The story of Wix involves many milestones of capturing the market and their achievement of 51 Million users in 2014. By April 2010, Wix had 3.5 million users which extended to 8.5 million users by March, 2011. Right after 1 year of achieving 8.5 million users, Wix launched a new platform for site building. HTML5 replaced Adobe Flash technology and proved a high success for the company as it attracted 25 million new users within 1 year of its launch. The existence sites that were built in Adobe were continued and supported by Wix. In in August 2013, Wix had more than 34 million registered users. There are roughly 45,000 new users daily throughout the 190 countries who are registering themselves on Wix and giving a new scope to their businesses.

Now you don’t need to be tech-savvy or hire any professional for creating your website. Just register yourself on this incredibly well-known website builder Wix.com.