The past has seen great jumps in the field of technology with inventions such as the computer, the internet, smartphones, tablets, electric cars, space rockets and may more. These innovative technologies have revolutionized our everyday life.

Technology has changed our past, present and will change our future too. Mentioned below are 5 of the real life upcoming technology that are likely to redefine the way we live!

  1. Google Glass =

Google Glass is an Android device in the form of a wearable pair of glasses that is completely voice-controlled and displays information directly to the user like a smartphone in a hands-free form. This device allows the user to access and view social media feeds, GPS, Google Maps, texts, messages and also take photos. It also provides real-time feeds and updates. Currently, the device is available at US$1500.


  1. Oculus Rift =

The Oculus Rift, expected to launch in Mid-2016 shall completely redefine the field of gaming. It is technology in the form of a 3D headset which allows users to immerse themselves in the world of virtual reality.It is developed by Oculus VR and was proposed in a Kickstarter campaign.

It shall have a resolution of 1080 x 1200 per eye and a wide field view range with rotational as well as positional tracking. One can use Rift while sitting, walking or standing in the same room.

Currently, this device can be experienced at a cost of US$300 which is accompanied by a development kit, an initial prototype of the Rift.


  1. Google Driveless Car/ Google Self-Driving Car =

Various movies have showcased driverless cars but Google X is turning it into reality! This car shall be powered by Artificial Intelligence and use inputs provided by a laser sensor on the top of the car which shall generate a 3D map of its position. This map shall even include specifics of traffic signals and also use the inputs from the video cameras inside the car. As on June 2015, Google has announced that its driverless cars have already driven over 1 million miles without any human assistance! These are expected to launch in 2017.


  1. SmartThings =

SmartThings is a portable system to which users can connect various devices – electronic or not, such as locks, light switches outlets, alarms and many more. This device allows one to monitor and control one’s house from anywhere and check if anyone has entered or left a room, windows or doors are shut or not, smoke alarms, fire, check the temperature or humidity in the house, vibration sensors, etc.

The device is developed by a home automation company, SmartThings which is now acquired by Samsung Electronics and is scheduled to launch by end-2015 for US$500.


  1. Form 1+=

3D printing is a process of converting your digital file into a three-dimensional solid object using “additive manufacturing” where a 3D object is created with various layers of material until the whole object is created.

Though, 3D printing is not a new concept for the advanced printing industry, personal 3D printers are showing signs of revolutionary progress with a growth rate of 35% every year.

A personal 3D printer like Form 1+ High-Resolution Desktop 3D Printer helps one to achieve that at a price of US$2799!