1GHz CPU speed. Access to movies, shows, sports, music and what not. A top seller. 1080p resolution. One can go on and on about the specifications, when it comes to the Apple TV. Released way back in the January of 2007, with the sole aim of revolutionising the television industry, the then “iTV” shook the markets with its 40GB hard disk and enhanced resolution. The software was regularly upgraded to make way for further enhancements, like improved accessibility to iTunes and revamped content delivery systems and hardware.  The Third Generation was unveiled quite recently, and if the media reports are to be trusted, it has been pretty well received. The next upgrade is touted  for later in this year.

Introduced as Apple’s “hobby project” or “pet project”, Apple TV allows you to choose from over 40 discrete channels, ranging from Netflix to HBO to YouTube. It works great and is surprisingly easy to set up. The latest model, the Third Generation Apple TV boasts of a smaller box design and 1080p video support. It is said to have the best design for a video streaming device. Moreover, there is the secret weapon, AirPlay , which allows iOS computers and devices that are running iTunes to transfer streaming music, directly to the television set. The cable box has a Bluetooth facility, an Ethernet port, a micro USB port and HDMI as well thus paving the way to a lot more features to be checked out.


In the latest update, a new look has been added to the device’s on-screen interface, where new icons have been designed to look like those in iOS7, ie, a flatter and less glossy appearance. There is an in built power supply so you won’t need a separate AC Adapter. The remote is a classic example of Apple’s love for minimalism and simplicity. Anyone can just pick it up and get the hang of it in use or two.

Though a certain future is still debated upon, one can say that Apple TV has ambitious plans and continually shifting plans only add to the evidence. Then, there are those rumours that claim that Apple TV could be converted into a deadly combination of a gaming device, a cable box replacement and a fully functional television set. Over the years of its reign, rumours about the potential television set have ranged from subscription-based streaming to motion control features.