I happened to read a Life hacker post called The Most Important Class You Have Ever Taken. Here is one guy that made a very long reply. I can judge from his writing that he is actually saying the truth, mean a sad truth concerning the state of the educational system.

One of the most enlightening classes I ever took was English class which I left after the first day. Though it failed to teach me about the subject, it exposed me to the real philosophical and political bias in most of the colleges today.

This is the type of bias meant to reward anyone one who agrees to the doctrine professed by the instructors and ensures it punishes anyone that contradicts their beliefs. However, this is not a major issue is most of the schools since it usually vary between departments, teachers, subjects of the study and the composition of students in the class.

The class started with the must do, distribution and reading of the syllabus, an introduction of the students and the instructor and then to the professors overview of the class’ objective.

She began, “This will be an extraordinary class you have ever taken. We will not only learn about the English literature. We will learn how we can apply it to real situations putting some emphasis on the black rights and women suffrage.”


I had to double check my schedule to ensure I was in the correct class. Yes, room number 206 at 10.00am, the English building; I was in the correct place at the right time. The class title also confirmed I was in the correct class. I decided to raise my hand, “What does English literature have to do with the black rights and women?” This was a fair question according to me. However seems I was completely wrong. The lecturer decided to mutter some answers and eventually dodged the question while scornfully at me.

I decided to ask the same question again. Reframing it for clarity. This time round, she decided to hesitate in her response. At last she stormed out of the classroom claiming she was not going to teach a group of ignorant rednecks. I had a feeling that this teacher was really bad since I had encountered a number of great instructors in the past. I decided to walk to the bursars office to try get my money back. Actually, I had little interested in the subject and was only taking it since it was going to offer some credits towards my degree.

After writing a letter seeking the refund, I made an appointment to see the bursar. Reaching his office, I found four teachers waiting for me. They were interested in having a talk with me. The policy was that the bursar would only sign off my refund documents after I had received counselling from the staff. The teachers then revealed how shocked they were at my behavior and that they were really disappointed. Since I had already paid up all of my classes, I decided to continue through the semester. After the semester, I decided to go back to a community college which was more fair. However, I decided to notice similarities.

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