Needless to say, the Apple iPhone rules the market as the best-in-class smartphone. Hence, they are the best selling phones all over the world. In third world countries like India, owning an iPhone is no less than a matter of self-glorification. The commonplace assumption is that why settle for less, when you got the resources to purchase the supreme. Apple iPhone is superior to almost all the other players in the market for the simple reason that it never settles for ordinary quality but provides its users with the exhilarating rush of happiness whenever they use an iPhone.

Apple’s original iPhone showed the world what could be done with a humble mobile phone. Since then the apple smartphones are being improvised with every addition to the iPhone family. The latest addition is the Apple iPhone 6 which is bigger, thinner, faster and more powerful than any of Apple’s previous devices.

An eye candy

For all the iPhone fans, this could be termed as the epitome of all the good looking phones in the market including the older versions of the iPhone. The stunning curved edges and sleek new design look fabulous and with its new curves, it is incredibly comfortable to use.

The screen

Apple iPhone 6 includes the all new HD Retina display. It has a 4.7-inch display, which is almost an inch larger than the iPhone 5s. Colors are true without being overcooked and text is sharper and easier to read.

The camera

The camera has always been the iPhone’s USP. It comes with an 8-megapixel with some all new features like Focus pixels, which enables to gather more information about every image that you shoot and better exposure controls, face detection and burst mode which takes multiple snaps simultaneously and picks out the best.

The video camera shoots in full HD and the front camera is pretty good.



Apple’s latest A8 processor is a wonderful piece of technology which can crunch data at remarkable speeds. The Apple iPhone 6 is over 50 times faster than the original iPhone. The phone is capable of faster Wi-Fi speeds, which is one wishful feature we desire in every mobile phone.

When it comes to speed, the Apple iPhone 6 beats its closest Android rival by over 5 seconds.

The battery

The iPhone 6 is better than the older versions of iPhone but certainly not up to the mark for the Android users. It is surprising to note that the phone does not come with the battery saving mode, unlike its rivals like Samsung and Google.

Add- on features

  • An excellent fingerprint scanner on the home screen button ensures full security of your device.
  • The new M8 motion coprocessor and barometer installed in the device will keep track of your daily movements including how many steps you have climbed in a day.
  • ApplePay , which turns your device into a wallet to make small transactions on the go

The iPhone 6 is the best iPhone that Apple has ever made and the quality is absolutely top notch. Isn’t this the enough reason for why they say that “it’s not a phone, if it’s not an iPhone”