People always want to resemblance their leaders and often adopt their dressing style. People follow their idols to a great extent. Therefore, it becomes very important for those idols to maintain their reputation and present themselves in the best way possible. To present ones personality or power, the way you dress plays an important role. No one will notice a person wearing ripped jeans and faded shirt. But a person with crisp suit and tie will have all eyes on himself. Clothing is the most significant part of a person’s personality. It shows your personality in way that nothing else does.

It is not always great to wear a stiff shirt and suit, but as we understand the significance of power attire, we may be highly influenced to wear it. Power describes professionalism and dressing for authority conveys on a silent level about your integrity and professionalism. Same goes for women; you can’t wear too casual clothes or party wears like plus size sequin pants to work if you want to have a professional look. Hence, it is important to choose the colors wisely in order to have a proper professional look.

The power colours for a male are grey, blue, beige and their shades. Green and yellow are not recommended. Pastel colours also are not considered. The power colours are those which you will witness in the finance and accounting world. However, there are major differences between different professions concerning what is considered most effective. Blue pinstripe suits are very effective for a person working in an advertising firm.

Females do great in the three above mentioned power colours; the, however, have a wider colour palette selection to pick from because they can also attain a commanding look with shades that a male professional cannot wear. Burgundy and plum are examples of such colours. The male professionals are likely to lose power and influence and will be opposed more frequently by men if they adopt pastel coloured clothing and riche hues.

Male professionals are considered more authoritative in suits that are designed conservatively. Having thin collars or short coats is considered as the cause of male professionals to losing power. Female professionals are supposed as highly powerful in formal pencil skirts. However, most females favour pants suits. It is easy to comprehend extreme feminine details such as lacy hems and bows that weaken the power in a female’s formal suit.

Majorly two shoe styles work fine for male professionals. They are cap-toes shoes and wing tipped shoes. The cap-toe shoe is somewhat more formal comparatively, but both are unique choices. Black is considered as the most powerful shoe colour. For female professionals most commanding shoe is the closed-toe heel pumps in a colour darker than her ensemble. When the female is wearing navy or black outfits, black pumps are considered most authoritative. A black pump can even work well with light-coloured suits.

Opting for a silver, gold or black pen and a thin unadorned wristwatch would complete you ultimate power and authority look. Jewellery should be elegant and modest. Stay away from anything that could be considered flashy and you will escalate your power summary.

Dressing in the correct way following the universal principals highly speaks volume about your authority, power and personality. Never compromise with as you are representing your company. First impression is the last impression so make it big.