The iPhone is termed as“the ultimate device to possess in mobile telecommunication”.  It is a series of smartphones launched by Apple Inc based on an idea of Apple’s Founder and Chairman, Late Steve Jobs.

The iPhone is a combination of an iPod, a digital camera, a cellular phone and a tablet Personal computer. It was defined as “a revolutionary and magical product that was literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone”at the time of its launch on 29th June, 2007 through its public announcement at the Macworld Conference and Expo in San Francisco in January, 2007.

The first iPhone was priced at US$599 for the 8GB and US$499 for the 4GB model with estimated sales of 700,000 units in the first weekend itself!

How the iPhone came into being?

In January, 2001; Apple launched the iPod and the iTunes software which was used to play and download audio and video on the iPod and other Apple devices.  In September, 2005; Apple in collaboration with Motorola released ROKR E1, the first mobile which synchronized with Itunes. However, this launch did not go well with Jobs as the Phone was not as per Apple’s design expectations. The next year marked the end of Apple’s liaison with Motorola and announced the launch of Apple’s own phone creation in early 2007.

The iPhone was launched as a GSM based mobile and has been the base for future generations of the device with certain features remaining the same in all models of the device such as its user interface, button placements and touch screen. The form of the iPhone is credited to Apple’s design head – Jonathan Ive.


A few days prior to the first iPhone’s launch; Apple announced the phone’s compatibility with third party applications such as Safari, which would create Web applications which users could access via the internet.

In February 2011, the first iPhone CDMA was launched in a tie-up with Verizon, which was later shifted to Sprint in October, 2011.