Timothy Donald Cook, or as we know him, Tim Cook was born in Alabama on the first of November in 1960. His father, Donald, worked at the shipyard and his mother, Geraldine, worked at a pharmacy. He has two siblings – brothers.  Tim’s parents had never owned or used a computer in their lives. He led a very healthy life, and that is what makes his achievements even more thrilling.

He completed his bachelor’s degree in engineering in 1982 from Auburn University. He later completed his Master of Business Administration from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business in 1988. In the recent years, he achieved an honorary doctorate from George Washington University. He then started working for IBM and worked there for consistently 12 years. He ultimately served as the Northern America Fulfillment Director where he managed managerial and distributive functions.

After his extravagant working years at the IBM, he served as the COO ( Chief Operating Officer) of the Reseller Division at the Intelligent Electronic. He worked there for three years before moving on to becoming the vice-president of compact materials at the Compaq Computer Corporations. He was dealing with lots of managerial and inventory functions over there. He called himself Attila the Hun of inventory. He worked there for a very short period and later left the company that he was eyeing on forever – Apple.


He began working at Apple in early 1998. At that time, Apple wasn’t the company that it is today. It was making declining profits on the contrary of what they make today. Apple was losing its sales at that time and was almost on the verge of extinction. As he handled the SVP operations, he took the matter in his hands and replaced whatever he could to manage the cost controls. He started investing in long-term deals that slowly but considerable benefitted the corporation in the long run.

After his extremely efficient strategies had worked wonders for the company, he was appointed as the Chief Operational Officer(COO) in 2007. He worked as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in the absence of Steve Jobs whenever he was away on leave for his medical conditions.  He handled most day-to-day operations, but the major decisions were taken by Steve Jobs himself.

After Jobs had resigned from the position, Tim Cook was appointed as the CEO of Apple Inc on 24Th of August in 2011.

Apple did not only survive under Tim Cook’s guidance, but it thrived and reached where it is today. It ended up way ahead of what Steve Jobs may have imagined it would go.



Some other facts

  • He was entitled to the honor of ‘Fuqua Scholar’, at the Duke University.
  • Tim is a fitness enthusiast and loves focusing on his diet and health plans.
  • He offered a part of his liver to Steve Jobs when the latter was going through his medications. Jobs, however, declined it.
  • He is an active member of the LGBT community and supports it immensely.

He has planned to donate his entire fortune to charity.