Having a YouTube account is one thing and making use of its full potential is another thing altogether. It’s with the right set of tips to manage YouTube account in your arsenal that you can enhance your experiences with this video sharing platform as well as increase awareness of your business and brand. Kindly read on to equip yourself with tips to manage YouTube account that will help transform your account into a vibrant video sharing and social media strategizing avenue for your brand and business.

Use your YouTube account as a social media

Forget about the notion that YouTube is a “one-way street” where individuals come just to watch videos; on the contrary, YouTube is a social media platform through which you can initiate conversations. Therefore, ensure comments on your video posts are enabled and when people post comments, remember to respond back by thanking them and answering questions they pose. This is one of the greatest tips to manage YouTube account that can help you to engage and create a large number of followers with ease.


Remember to brand your YouTube account

Branding your YouTube account ensures it is identified with your brand or company. Therefore, consider using your company’s name in the account’s title and incorporate your company’s website address in the description area. Also, when it comes to background photo, remember to select either a brand-specific image or an image that identifies with your brand. Branding is one of the effective tips to manage YouTube account that you can employ to easily reach your target followers quit fast.

Avoid “dumping” just every other video in your account

There is one unhealthy practice that some YouTube account holders make, that is uploading just every other video on their channel. This may lead to “poor” or irrelevant videos being uploaded, something that can impact negatively on your brand or company. You need to bear in mind that your YouTube account portrays your brand, hence whatever video that you upload should be geared towards the enhancement of the brand. Therefore, avoid sharing videos on your account just for the sake of video sharing; instead, strive to upload relevant and brand-specific videos.

Make use of keywords

Use of appropriate keywords is indeed one of the useful tips to manage your YouTube account. This can help your followers and prospective followers to locate your videos with much ease. Brainstorm as many possible search terms, words, and phrases that your prospective followers are likely to use to search for your videos online; use such phrases to name and describe your videos.

Update your account regularly

Regular updates on your account are necessary to ensure your online presence remains relevant. Remember, YouTube is never static; on the contrary, it is highly dynamic. Therefore, avoid uploading all of your videos at one instance then forgetting about it. Instead, consider uploading new videos from time to time, hence satisfy your follower’s need of seeking for fresh videos and information on YouTube.

In conclusion, a careful consideration and application of the above tips to manage your YouTube account will help make your YouTube account more meaningful to your business and brand.