We live in this period where there are more smartphones and electronic devices than humans that carry out most of our communication with the outer world and also give us a different kind of a shopping experience. With each coming day, there is an increase in the number of e-commerce websites that are making our shopping experience very easy. There is a fierce competition going on in between these e-commerce websites for gaining the maximum number of consumers, for achieving the maximum conversion rates.

A research that was conducted recently says that less than 5% of the total budget of marketing is spent on conversion optimization by at least 53% businesses. Less than 1% is the conversion rate is that of the other 35% businesses. It is not even be surprising that most of the businesses do not even know their Ecommerce conversion rates, which is a shame, really.

The ironic part is that, although these websites spend almost 90-95% percent of their revenue on bringing visitors to their website, they do not do everything in their power to convert them into consumers from just being visitors. Poorly optimized web pages drive away many potential customers and converts into a waste of much money that was invested in lead generation. If your website has a poor landing or front page, then rest assured, that it will have an immense impact on your search rankings in the longer run.


Products that are out of stock are a scourge for many e-commerce site’s existence. If those products are left up on the website, then you could probably risk making the consumers furious when they will not be able to buy it. By taking down the product, you will have to go through a lot of extra steps that will be reversed when the product comes back in stock and sell excess inventory. It all depends on the product and what you choose to do, which will or will not kill your conversion rates for those items and your website.

By each day there is an increase in the number of people purchasing online, but even then most of these online market places have a tricky or hard checkout procedure which can lead to an increase in the abandonment rate. There are some websites today that can teach you a thing or two about ecommerce and conversion rates. Let us take a look at Amazon, its online sales have been dwarfing the competition and continuing to bring in the revenue.

If you wish to climb on top of the search rankings, attract more traffic to your site and increase your conversion, then you have to pay close attention to your website’s URL structure. A well-organized URL that is structured properly is very satisfying to the end users. It keeps users on your website for a longer time, it allows them to find easily what they are looking for and will also increase the likelihood of easily converting them from a random browser on the website to a consumer.