Eating right is a must but that’s not all. The right diet followed by proper exercises is exactly what you need to lead a fit, healthy and active lifestyle. Here are 15 of the most common, easy and important exercise that you should do:

  1. Bench Press: It is a common exercise where you just lift the dumbbell from your chest up and down. It helps in working the mass of the triceps, shoulders and chest at the same time. It is a very common exercise and it is easy to start with too. Keep your muscles intact while doing it. Try doing 1-2 reps at the end.
  2. Dumbbell Press: It is similar to bench press only in this; you mainly work on hour shoulders and your arms. This exercise is difficult but will help you stay in shape as it is very effective.
  3. Sit-ups: You sit with your back straight and knees lay out front. Then. You start by laying down and then trying to touch your knees with your head. You keep moving in this motion and try doing 15-20 in a minute. It helps in reducing belly fat. It is most effective if followed by various types of sit-ups along.
  4. Lying leg raise: This is just like it sounds. You lie down and raise your legs in a straight position. Do it about 20-25 times for best results.
  5. Leg-pull: You raise your legs and pull it inside over the stomach. This helps in building the core strength of your leg muscles.
  6. Seated Cable Rows: This exercise works at the middle of your back. Really retract your muscles as you bring in the weight to your chest
  7. Lunges: Start by walking in a straight path with your knee touching the ground every time you take a step. This helps in building core strength.
  8. Squats: This is an easy exercise that doesn’t require any equipment and can be done even at home. You need to bend downwards with your feet at a distant.
  9. Pushups: When you lie on the floor with your front facing the floor, and try to lift your body, it works pretty well. Try doing this 10-15 times at once.
  10. Back Bridge: You back bend and turn yourself upside down. It is a pretty impressive workout.
  11. Planks: You have to keep your body straight with just your elbows and toes touching the floor. This exercise will help you a lot.
  12. Glute Brudge: You try to lift the lower part of your body while lying on the floor with your back facing the floor.
  13. Downward facing dog: You touch the floor with just your palms and toes and try holding still for as long as possible
  14. Jumping Jacks: You jump up and down and clap each time. This exercise helps in losing the carbs from all the places.
  15. Neck and hip rotation: You move your neck and hips in circular and anti-circular motion thereby relaxing the tension and relaxing towards the end
Chinese woman in exercise class in gym

Chinese woman in exercise class in gym