Love it or hate it, you just can’t avoid it. Social media has become this extremely important part of our lives. Internet wasn’t half the fun it is now, because of social media. The best part is there are just too many of it. But how do you ace each of them? Now that’s a difficult job. Here is a list of things you can do to make yourself even better at doing what you so much love:

  1. Regularity: You have to make sure that you are consistent at whatever social media you choose to be on. When you are regular at posting your stuff on social media, you are bound to become more noticeable and isn’t that what this is all about?
  2. Friendly: This is a must. When using social media, you have to make sure that you are socializing and being as friendly as possible.
  3. Audience: You must know your audience. This helps in posting precisely what you want to say to and to whom you want to say it too. Make sure you know what they are interested in and give them that.
  4. Timing: Your timing is everything. Try posting most of your stuff when your target audience is most active. This helps in gaining notice and this is what helps in making you popular.
  5. Pop up: Research has shown that making a pop up come on the screen can help you in a lot of ways.
  6. Ease: Don’t take your social media too seriously. Let it be the fun it is supposed to be. Always try using it in a relaxed way and don’t make it seem like a task or a schedule you have to unnecessarily follow.
  7. Be concise: Don’t rant about unnecessary things. People want things that are either informative or filled with humor. Give them just that.
  8. Patience: Patience is the key to almost anything. Things will happen. Don’t rush too much.
  9. Be present: Don’t go missing in action for too long. The reliability reduces. Make sure, no matter what media you’re using, you are constant at it.
  10. Hashtags: Keep up with the latest hashtag trends in order to gain followers as well as popularity. Create your own hashtag trends and you will see the kind of difference it makes.
  11. Pictures: A picture does speak a thousand words. Make your social media image-friendly. Make sure you put up pictures or collages at regular intervals of time as it gains attention.
  12. Active: It is very important that you stay active throughout. Social media is like a 24/7 game. You have to play it just right.
  13. Original: Make sure your stuff is real and not copied. It is huge turn off when you copy and put stuff on your timeline.
  14. Contests: Participate in various contests or make some of your own.
  15. Deals: Get involved in the loads of deals that are up for grabs every day.
  16. Change: always comply and go in hand with the changes that take place. We know how dynamic media can be. Try to keep up with it.