There are times when you have been required to give a presentation to an audience which you have never interacted with previously. Credibility is also considered to be an important sales pitch to any potential client. You always need to establish credibility in order to enable you audience know you are a real deal. One will always be considered to be a con artist until he/she is proven beyond doubt. Any business owner can always claim all the things or talk about what his/her business is capable of performing. This explains why it is necessary to prove to your audience that you are capable of delivering to your promises.

Here are the top tips for improving your credibility

Design Professional Logo

Having a nice professional logo will give our business presentation an extra boost. However, great logo designs doesn’t not always come cheap, it is one of the biggest investments one can always make for his/her business brand. You need to keep in mind that your company logo will always reach wherever you go from business cards to the power point presentations.


There is nothing capable of ruining the credibility of your company than poor grammar and misspelled words.  Ensure you always take some time and read over your entire document at least two times before giving you presentation. It is recommended you read the text out loud before presenting your work. Make sure you hand over your presentation of your colleague to help you look for the misspelled words and grammatical errors.

Always Show Yourself

You can always establish lots of trust when designing your presentation by coming up with an interesting team overview or ‘about you’ slide. Most people are known to list the facts about their company; this isn’t the right wake, you need to make the slide interesting.


Show off your Trophy Rack

Never be overly humble when you are presenting to a new humble especially concerning the awards you received or the big clients you have dealt with. Feature your clients prominently on a dedicated client slide.

Always Use the Blue Color

Most of the biggest brands in the world usually have a blue color in their logo. NFL, Skype, Facebook, Citibank, Twitter, IBM and AT&T all use the blue color. The blue color is usually considered as safe, non-threatening, conservative and predictable. Universally, blue is the most liked color. Research is the most important part that will enable you put together all your effective presentations.

Always Redesign your Outdated Presentation

Some people still judge books by their cover; the same thing happens to presentation. Most of the audiences you present to will always judge your organization or company based on the presentation design. Quality design will make the audience trust your company.

Always Admit Whenever you are wrong

Anyone is prone to making mistakes. Never try covering up in case you make mistake with your presentation. Ensure you own up to it, fix it and move on.

Use Specific Statistics

Always be specific whenever you are talking about your key performance metrics.