With the increasing use of social media at a personal level by individuals, their dependence on the same has increased manifold. Individuals spend a major of their time on social websites such Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn .etc. All the important (and unimportant too) tasks, events, activities, milestones .etc. have more social presence online than offline due to the increasing use of social networking sites. Business organizations have also started using and utilising social media to increase their consumer base, by reaching out to more and more number of people online besides offline advertisements and promotions.

Twitter has about more than 400 million tweets and 200 million active users on a daily basis. This clearly shows that creating a good and effective consumer approach on Twitter can help a business to reach out to many more people than it would otherwise. Twitter is a platform that can be used to bring the consumers / customers and business organisations from all over the world on a common platform. In fact, it has already become one such platform that has snapped the distance and brought the two parties closer. It has been a witness to the growing and falling trends, the healthy and unhealthy competition in the industry, the new comers, the exiting firms, and the good performers.etc. It can very well be used to create awareness about the various developments in the industry. It is one of those platforms that are taken into consideration while laying out various industry standards.


Every business enterprise can use Twitter to reach out to its customers and attract a greater crowd. Business enterprises besides opting for paid and unpaid advertisements on the website, they can also start a trend of a daily, weekly or monthly tweet that would spell out the various offers, deals of the day, introduction of new products.etc. They can also share with their consumers once in every while the milestones they reach, or the little and big achievements (for example: increase in annual revenue, profits, consumer base .etc.) throughout the life of the business.  Twitter can be used both directly and indirectly to promote the growth of business organisations. Experts and entrepreneurs gather a greater consumer base when they partly or even completely (the latter is very rare) share with the public the various opportunities and strategies they use and take advantage of in their industry to increase their group of consumers and hence the revenue and profits.

Social Presence on twitter is not just one-way traffic. Social presence on Twitter gives the consumers an opportunity to give their feedbacks with respect to the goods and services they use, who otherwise neither have the time nor the resources to sit aside and write reviews for the company. In a nutshell, Twitter not only helps the Business organisations to reach out to more consumers and customers through advertisements and tweets, but also bridges the gap between the customers and the business organisations and assists the business to understand their consumers better.