The main aim every business pursues is to be successful and earn profit. But there are few who achieve this goal in a short time, one such example is the startup is mobile app Uber. Uber is currently operating in 57 countries and in over 300 cities worldwide.

Uber started like any other company with a simple idea five years ago by Travis Kalanick, with Garrett Camp the co-founder. The idea started when Travis Kalanick couldn’t find a cab in Paris to attend a conference. They built on this idea, trying a way to solve the transportation problem that would be easy and fast and something that uses the digital technology.

Thus, Ubercab was founded in 2009, an app that offers convenience, safe and reliable car service. The venture connected passengers and drivers through a mobile app. The app was used in San Francisco in June 2010 and soon after, Uber expanded to not only other cities, but to countries worldwide.

There are a lot of factors that have contributed to Uberapp’s success. One of the reasons was because the founders planned the revenue model well; they knew what they wanted and how to get there. Every plan was executed with accurately contributing to the growth. The model should be specifically defined, especially in the case of a startup company, as it will guide the future flow of the start-up, and that is what the founders did.


Uber’s idea of making transportation safer, faster and comfortable mode struck a cord with customers thus, finding support from the people even after facing some problems regarding the app. Though the company was facing a number of problems regarding the replacement service etc, the founder stuck out and faced problems. This factor played a major role in the success of the company.

The other factors that contributed wad that Uber has had a proactive and was aggressive in pursuing expansion. Taking a risk was never a problem for them, they experimented with their plan and expanded national and internationally. This attitude of theirs was a magnet for both investors and customers.

Energy and persistence also plays an important role in the success of a business. Both which was present in tremendous amounts in the founders. Kalanick had a vision that he pursued with energy and persistence. He saw what the market would need in the future and catered to the need today.

Take your time at the same time, necessary. The people behind Uber believe taking  one step at a time will help in the long run. The company certainly had many ups and downs, but they took one step at a time solving each problem as they went along. They took every obstacle as a puzzle to be solved and over coming to reach the final goal. They did not let the problems, be it legal issues or negative remarks in social media or anything they stood strong and focused in their end goal. These factors have made Uber an inspiration for many start-ups.