Have you ever felt that something is always holding you back from achieving something or gaining success? Well, it is nothing, but yourself who is holding you back. There are certain things and actions you perform unintentionally which hold you back. There is no one, but yourself to blame for your delay in an achievement and success. There are certain points that keep you from moving higher in your life.

Underestimating Yourself
It is very easy to underestimate yourself and give up on something. But it is very satisfying to have confidence in yourself and achieving the goal. Always try enough. If you do not succeed you would at least not have any regrets of not even trying. You never know, you may be good at something you were not aware of. Always be confident with yourself and you will reach out to the stars.

Comparing with Others
People make the most horrific mistake of comparing themselves with others. Comparison is like the demon of all feelings. Everyone is different and unique. No two people can ever be the same. So comparing yourself with others is something that is holding you back greatly. Be your own hero and inspiration. Comparing yourself with others will not lead you anywhere. Concentrate on yourself and your work and you will make wonders.


Giving up
Giving up is the easiest way out. But giving up without even trying is the most self-doubting action. Giving up at that time may seem like the right decision, but later you will have this doubt in your heart about your capabilities. You know you could have done better but, you chose not to. Why live with that feeling when you have the talent and confidence. Hence, giving up is not the answer, fighting through it is the goal.

Not asking for help
Asking for suggestions and help from other does not make you small. People often feel that asking for help means asking for a favour that would wound their ego. But working all alone without any progress is your own loss. There are people out there with great experience and their experience can help you achieve your goal and someday even you may be at a point to help someone. Thus, reaching out to others is wise and for your own benefit.

Not following your instinct
Always remember to follow your first instinct. It may not turn out the way you wanted it to at the end. But you would learn from it and gain experience. There would be a time where you would not agree with someone else’s suggestion and that is okay. Follow your gut feeling, for it may be the best thing you ever happened to do.

Delaying action
Remember to carry out your actions now. Do not wait for the right time, because there is no actual right time. The present is the perfect time to perform your actions. Delaying the actions will delay your success. Get going and do the needful for your goal is waiting for you shining bright at the end of the tunnel.