Ashley Madison is an online Canada based dating website that allows married and single individuals to find a mate for them. It goes by the slogan, “Life is short. Have an affair.” It was launched in 2001 and quite well received by married individuals. However not very long was it able to function smoothly without any problems and issues.

On July 15, 2015 Ashley Madison was attacked by hackers who extracted all the sensitive and highly confidential data of the users of the website. This data included the personal information of the users, address, phone numbers, and even details such as credit card details. The owners of the company were blackmailed that all this data would be leaked on a global platform over the internet if the website did not shut down with immediate effect. Next what happened, not many of them would have comprehended ever. Hackers actually released the name of the users and their personal information on July 22nd. Few days later, when Ashley Madison showed no signs of shutting down permanently, hackers also leaked the personal information of the CEOs of the company, including their email ids.

Ashley Madison has been recorded to have many fake accounts which were either made under pressure or simply for fun purposes. Apparently, during the big hack, the hackers managed to scrape out data of these fake accounts too and leak them on the global platform too. Such users have claimed that they paid Ashley Madison some amount of money in order to delete their personal information from their database in order to preserve their reputation in the society. However, Ashley Madison failed in doing so and the leaked data contained a lot of those accounts that paid to the same to delete their personal information completely.


Ashley Madison unlike many other dating portals, charges the users for every conversation they have. Generally, the male crowd is the one to pay five credits in order to initiate a conversation since women are allowed to send free messages to men. However, the latter require paying up to read those messages. This has resulted in many fake female profiles and has become the whole and sole for youngsters and people who do this for fun sake.

There hasn’t been much good coming out of Ashley Madison in the recent past. On the contrary, it has ruined and destroyed many marriages and relationships. Ashley Madison guaranteed that every user must find the one they are looking for. But in reality, due to a number of fake female accounts, many men using Ashley Madison have revealed that they feel ‘ripped off.’

Besides ruining personal relationships, being an active user of Ashley Madison isn’t something quite well received by our society. During the release of the hack list of Ashley Madison, many celebrities apart from the common man were exposed to be accessing Ashley Madison for their pleasures. This was a stigma to the society and left a lifetime scar on the reputation of those exposed during the process.